11 Best Wedding Favor Ideas【Useful and Unforgettable!】

Giving wedding favor is a gesture of thankfulness and is a significant part of any wedding reception.

A thoughtful and delightful wedding favor idea can leave your guests an unforgettable and sweet memory.

“But what kind of favors that the guests would love to receive?”

The most important thing is that the favors should not be something just “instagrammable” but going to be wasted after the wedding.

Instead, you should find something that your guests will actually care about and keep.

When you are coming up with ideas, don’t go too far outside the box.

Just look around and think of everyday items that you use and love, or think of what kind of useful thing you would like to receive in a wedding.

Still have no clues?

No worries. INES WEDDINGS has gathered up 11 wedding favors ideas to show you and perhaps inspire you.

They are not only sweet and beautiful, but also can be useful that your guests actually love it.

Sweet Treats

1. Wedding Favor Honey


Sharing a love that is “sweet as honey” is cause for celebration with unique Honey Jar Favors.

What’s better than adding this sweet touch to your special day?

Besides, it’ll keep far longer than a lot of the alternatives due to the preservation.

That said your guests are gonna enjoy and spread the love they received in your wedding long after you’ve left for you honeymoon. 

INES WEDDINGS has came up with these cute and unique honey jar favor that is definitely the honey wedding favor you have been searching for. 

We offer personalization and different capacity — from 23ml to 100ml.

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we are happy to provide you further information.

2. Sweet Cookies Wedding Favor


Cookies are incredibly popular wedding favors at the moment.

Personalized cookies with guests’ name on it and make it a unique cookies wedding favor.

However, if you are going to make custom cookies in bulk with different name on it…

…there will be a chance that your guest are going to receive the cookie that doesn’t belong to his/her.

(Imagine if you receive a cookie with the name “Amy” but you are actually  “Emy”, that’s awkward, isn’t it?)

So…maybe just decorate it with your names and the wedding date would still look good and decent. Discover more

3. Wedding Favor Chocolate


Chocolate is yet another wedding favor idea that guests won’t be able to resist.

To make it more special, decorate it with a tailor-made sticker with your wedding date and names on it.

It’s simple but sweet, isn’t it? Discover more


4. Mini Champagne Wedding Favor

Wanna keep the celebration going after your wedding ends? Send your guests home with a bottle of Champagne!

Not a normal size red wine, but a mini champagne bottle. (It’s easier to carry it back home..)

Of course, don’t forget to add extra personalization with custom labels.

5. Tea Bag Wedding Favor


If your guests doesn’t like alcohol, you may want to gift them a charming tea bag instead.

Not to mention it only cost you cents per person, it’s always a safety and sweet choice of wedding favors.  

Getting it engraved with the names or initials of the recipients is an added advantage as it adds a personal touch to a sentimental gift. 

Isn’t it incredible to let your guests to enjoy a warm, relaxing cup of tea while reminiscing about your wedding? Discover more

Everyday Items

6. Handmade Soaps Wedding Favor

Natural product like handmade soap is becoming more popular these days and it’s definitely a wonderful gift for your guests! 

Lavender, rosemary or sage, these handmade soaps have a seductive fragrance and feel great on the skin. 

Moreover, these favors can be personalized to reflect your wedding style. 

No matter guys or girls, every single guest would love to get one!

7. Wedding Favor Towel

As same as handmade soup, it’s always a great choice. (Everyone needs a towel at home right?)

Of course, you can’t just buy the ones in a random grocery store, but to design and make a custom one.

You can personalize them with your wedding monogram, date and name (or initials).

After you’re married, everyone will be reminded of your special day whenever they curl up with the towel at home. Discover more

8. Wedding Favor Mug

There’s always room in the kitchen for another mug or two so collect lots of various designs to give as unusual wedding favors.

Here’s a great idea to personalize the mug:

Incorporating a graphic you’ve used somewhere in your wedding decor (such as your wedding invitations, backdrop, etc.) , and using it as your logo for a personalized mug for guests. Discover more

Other Wedding Favor Ideas

9. Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are a cute and easy wedding favor that your guests will be able to use time and time again.

To make sure they’re as useful as possible for your guests, we recommend not incorporating your wedding details , but to choose a phrase that speaks to both travel and love.  Discover more

10. Bottle Opener

One of the best things you can give as a wedding favor is something practical, like a bottle opener.

Bottle openers work as a favor because they’re small, simple and easy enough to get personalized. 

They’re also relatively low in cost if you buy in bulk, and you know that your guests will definitely get a good use out of them. Discover more

11. Scented Candle

wedding party favor candle

Scented candle is a classic wedding favor and a firm favorite! 

A personalized scented candle is a great little keepsake for your guests – and a way to bring back those precious memories of your special day. Discover more

Make a Big Impact with these Small Gifts

Wedding favors carries your gratitude to the guests for their blessings.

And a thoughtful, sweet and practical gift will definitely leave your guests with unforgettable memories.

Therefore, when you’re trying to decide what kind of wedding favors you should give to your guests…

…one thing you should remember is to find  something that guys and girls will love.

So that you can share the joy and sweetness of the festival with your guests, and leave a unique and unforgettable memory for each other.

Wanna learn more about how INES WEDDINGS can help you tailor-made your personalized wedding favor? Contact us now!

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