6 Suggestions on Navigating the Wedding Expos【Tips & Traps You Should Know】


婚展After a romantic proposal…

There are a lot of things about your wedding waiting for you to prepare.

You and your partner no longer go to movie theatre in the weekend, but the HK Wedding Fair.

The expos are used to assist brides, grooms with planning by offering the latest and most comprehensive wedding products and services such as pre-wedding photography, wedding banquet, wedding venue decoration etc….

so as the couples can have everything done in just one place.

Although the wedding expo can helps you a lot and makes the planning much more easier, it’s not as easy as shopping clothes with friends.

If you know nothing about navigating a wedding fair, it’s easy for you to fall into a shopping trap or waste of energy and time.

So, in order to help you to get the most out of your time without falling into any trap…

INES WEDDINGS will now share with you the 6 suggestions for navigating the show to help you get well prepared!

1.【Trap】Be Aware of the Promotional Offers

香港婚展Vendors who have booths at wedding fair will be offering discounted pricing, as a way to encourage brides to sign contracts on-site.

However, sometimes the promotional pricing is not actually discounted. You should always be aware of it.

There are more than 10 wedding expo will be presented in Hong Kong every year.

And meanwhile tens of complaints have been brought to the notice of the Consumer Council in relation to wedding expo vendors.

Most of them are concerned that the itineraries not matching the descriptions.

For example, a complainant was convinced by a salesman to purchase a transport package, including a pink London-style taxi as her wedding car. However, on her wedding day, the driver called in the morning and saying the taxi had a flat tyre and later sent her an ordinary private car.

Because of the tight schedule of wedding day, the complainant could only took the private car reluctantly.

So…if you want to avoid any situation like that…

Always keep calm. It is easy to lose sight of restrictions in promotion offers when making hasty decisions.

Think before you purchase: Is the discounted price reasonable?

2.【Tips】Shop Around

Don’t let those promotional offers turn your head and rush into anything or you may regret after.

Always keep in mind that sometimes those “Discounted Price” are actually as similar as the original price, or even the same.

What makes you feel like it is a steal is just the words come out from the sales, their selling skills.

Furthermore, there are over 500 booths in the expo offering less than 100 kinds of wedding products/service.

Different company with different quality. You always have a choice!


Shop around before you rush into anything!

And always do the research online after shopping around to make sure those discount offered in wedding expo are really worthy.

3.【Tips】3 Days – 1 Ticket

香港婚展2018It is impossible for you to get everything you need in just one day. We suggest that you should walk around the fair for 3days.

Usually the wedding expo will be held for 3 days in the weekend (Fri, Sat and Sun) and you can enter the venue as many times as you want with only one ticket.

Here are some little suggestions for you:

Day 1 and 2: Note down the booth number of your favorite vendors and do the research online when you are home.

Day 3: Make the order and get what you want!

Don’t be lazy so you can get the most out of a wedding fair!

4.【Tips】Before you go, Set a target.

Wedding Fair comprising over 500 vendors that offer different kind of service and product, from a wedding banquet to a wedding cake.

And there are more than 10+ vendors providing the same service/product.

Walking around the wedding fair is like joining a competition…

You VS the Vendors.

What you have is limited time and energy and what the vendors have is unlimited sales with great selling skills…

Imagine that you walk into the fair without any target and you stopped by a sales at the moment you pass through the first booth…

After 15mins you can finally move to the next and another sales stopped you again…

I bet that even if you are patient enough to listen to them, you can’t remember all the different promotional offers and you will only get nothing but tiredness at the end.

Therefore it is very important for you to set a target before you go to the wedding fair.

For example if you are looking for a wedding banquet, just go for the booths that provides wedding banquet package and ignore all the others.

Don’t confuse yourself, just focus on your target so you don’t have a chance to rush into anything!

5.【Tips】There’s Always a Better Price

“Omg this offers is irresistibly attractive!”


There’s always a better price hidden in those promotional offers.

A company usually have more than one plan and their sales will not offer you the most attractive price at the beginning.

If you are target for the most attractive price, keep calm.

Don’t accept the first offers easily even if you are really into it because “the best is yet to come”.

The sales will only offer you the most attractive promotion price after you say “No”.

Also, if you are going to wedding fair with your groom…

Remind him to keep calm too!…as some of the salesman will convince them by saying “Do you love her? If yes, just pay and get her what she want!”

6.【Benefit】Wedding Banquet Package-A Real Bargain

婚展2018Bakery Vouchers, pre wedding photography, wedding venue decoration… it’s not difficult to find promotion offer for these but they should not be your first priority in wedding planning.

If you decided to have a wedding banquet, prepare for it first.

The earlier you start to look for the venue, the more choice you can have.

Some of you may doubt about that : “is it really cheaper to book the venue in wedding fair? Is there the risk that the venue is actually not meeting my expectation?”

Of course you should always visit the venue and have a look of it before you make the payment and the booking.

Here’s the suggestion:

Day 1: Note down your favorite vendors.

Day 2: Visit the site to see if it meets your expectation.

Day 3: Make the booking.

The advantage of joining the wedding banquet package in wedding fair is that you can have different vendor’s information in just one place, especially the most important thing- availability schedule.

This can prevent you from going place by place.

Besides, some bride-to-be has mentioned that you may find the wedding banquet package is a real bargain at the wedding fair…

Not only the promotional pricing, but also the gifts or the free extra service.

(Wanna have a sneak peek of Wedding Expo? Take a look of the official video below.)

Save your time—Do the research first & Be brave to say No

Apart from those tips, trap and advantage we have mentioned above…

You should do the research before you go to the fair.

The Hong Kong Wedding Fair are usually present by Audace International Fairs Limited or i Wedding Club.

Before you go to the fair you should visit their website and have a look of the list of exhibitors to make sure there are your favorite vendors.

Also, you should set a target based on the list. (Don’t forget to note down the booth numbers)

Furthermore, don’t feel bad about saying “No” to those sales who give you a hard sell or things that your are not interested in at all.

Once you sit down and give them a chance to convince you, it takes you an hour.

If you don’t want to waste your time and energy…

Be brave enough to say NO.

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