8 Styles of Wedding Bouquets in 2019【Every Bride Should Know】


wedding bouquets picturesWedding bouquet is always an integral part of any wedding.

It is not only an embellishment of the wedding dress, but also a carrier of happiness.

Flinging the wedding bouquet to your bridesmaids symbolises passing them good luck and happiness…

…which is a sign of good fortune!

And a perfect, appropriate wedding bouquet should be the one that brings out your beauty and personality.

Keep in mind with this:

Wedding bouquet is just a decoration that plays the supporting role, you and your wedding dress is always the focus.

So…choose your wedding bouquet carefully, don’t let it steal your limelight!

if you could choose the right one, your Big Day is just going to be perfect!

Now, let INES WEDDINGS goes over the 8 different bouquet styles with you!

1. The Round Bouquet

wedding bouquets by colorA simple, yet elegant and traditional bouquet…always the most popular as a safe choice.

It is designated as a tight cluster for density and it is very sturdy that the wedding bouquet will not be easily deformed.

Because of its round-shaped design, the bride can pay less attention to the position of the bouquet while shooting.

Also, as a result of its ability to be comprised of either the same type of flower or an assortment of size of varieties, this bouquet can easily be tailored in cost.

If you have less budget, you can just simply choose one type of flowers, like the white roses, make it an elegant white wedding bouquet.

Wondering if this bouquet match with your wedding dresses?

This type of wedding bouquet work well with any type of wedding dresses as long as you chose the right color! (Don’t make it too colorful)

Tips: this wedding bouquet is small in size, more suitable for petite brides. ( A big in size wedding bouquet will steal your limelight and might block a huge portion of your wedding dress!)

2. The Cascade Bouquet

bridal bouquets onlineMay also be referred to as a waterfall bridal bouquet. It’s the most formal and most traditional wedding bouquet.

It designed as roundish at the top and the bouquet narrows into a point of the bottom like a inverted triangle.

When the bride holding this bouquet, the flowers will spill gracefully over the bride’s hands…

…and this will not only make you look classical, but also chic!

Almost any flowers can be used in this style, Peony, Rose.

If you want it more modern, use only one type of flower, the Phalaenopsis.

It will looks more classic and elegant in a chapel train wedding dress…

…the late princess Diana carried this style as her impressive bridal bouquet too!

Tips:The Cascade wedding bouquet is big in size, more suitable for those with a larger frame. (If you are petite better give up on this.)

3. The Arm Bouquet

how to make bridal bouquetsThis bouquet rests in the crook of brides’ arm and can be referred to as the presentation bouquet or pageant bouquet.

The design of this bouquet can be simple or sophisticated, both can makes you look chic and elegant…Its all up to you!

Flowers for this bouquet often have long stems and are left with a ribbon tied around them.

Its twist and flowing line make it more dainty and it would be perfect if you are having a straight cut wedding dress.

Flowers that usually use in this bouquet are Calla lily, Tulip, Little Peony and Holland White Lilacs.

The flower shop generally use the calla lily and the Tulip, which has unique flowing lines, to make the bouquet looks more noble.

Although the arm wedding bouquet is as classic as the  Round or the Cascade…

it is modern and dramatic!

It’s really an ideal choice for a modern wedding.

Tips: this bouquet has a slender shape that are more suitable for the brides that who are tall.

4. The Nosegay Bouquet

silk bridal bouquetsThe nosegay was very popular in 80’s.

Traditionally the shape of these bouquets are irregular and contains more greenery than the other bouquets.

It compacts cluster of flowers and greenery, where stems are wrapped tightly, often with organza or satin ribbon, and cut to one, uniform length.

Even though the nosegay is more popular among the bridesmaids and flower girls in 80’s , it is actually making a comeback today.

And not just the bridesmaids…

…the brides loves to use it as wedding bouquet too!

If you are looking for a classic but not so formal bouquet, that’s it!

Pay attention that do not having too much flowers in the bouquet that makes you difficult to hold, or it will look like holding a trophy…

Tips: the Nosegay are small in size, more suitable for petite brides.

5. The Posy Bouquet

wedding bouquets near meThe posy are similar with the nosegay, both are small in size, but they are different in shape.

The posy is small and round, it can easily be held in one hand.

It basically tied with a bunch of blooms in round shape and leave the stem naturally as the handle or replace it with floristry wire.

What’s good?

This bouquet are able to incorporate a wide range of flower types that you can make it more colorful and attracting.

No matter what kind of wedding you are hosting, there’s a posy that’s a fit for your style!

If you want it more relaxed, you can design it as mixed loosely with hand-wrapped, wedding color-coordinated ribbon and an embellish trim.

If you want it more fashionable, you can simply replacing the stems with floristry wire for a more structured look with one type of flower, like the ultra-romantic blush peonies.

Also, you can decorate it with some pearl.

This mini posy with long ribbon will definitely makes you more graceful and cute!

Tips: Posy are small in size, if you are a petite bride, this is really an ideal choice for you. If not, this will only makes you look husky.

6. The Pomander Bouquet

most beautiful bridal bouquetsPomander becomes more popular in the recent years.

Its design is based on the round wedding bouquet.

This bouquet is just like a little handbag,  carried by a decorative ribbon or pearl chain that can be hung from the bride’s wrist.

Flowers of this bouquet are typically all the same size and touch or overlap in design.

The best part?

The pomander has a more contemporary look than the classic bouquets and it is not expensive at all!

It’s really a great option if you need to cut your budget back. 

This kind of unusual wedding bouquet fit for a more relaxed, semi-formal wedding.

Better not match it with a formal wedding dresses!

Tips: Pomander are even smaller than the round wedding bouquet. Suitable for petite brides.

7. The Freeform Bouquet

wedding bouquets pricesThe freeform is a very western and casual wedding bouquet style.

It does not have a specific or defined shape, has foliage coming out of the bouquet and usually utilizes tropical flowers.

The design are all up to you and your florist!

A key element to this type of bouquet is its “picked-from-the-garden” look and feel.

Usually the bouquet are not in a complete round shape and loosely arranged for an airy feel.

The freeform has became a trend.

However, only a very little brides in Hong Kong will have this style of bouquet for their wedding…

…because they might think it is weird to hold this “garden feel” bouquet in the church or hotel. 

But actually it is not weird at all!

Look at Princess Kate!

That little bunch of flowers in her hands perfectly matches with her wedding dress and personality…

…even if she is in the castle but not the garden.

What’s more, these bouquets is not pricy if you use only 3-5 types of flowers and foliage.

It is also possible to use only foliage and can even make it more avant-grade.

Tips: The freeform wedding bouquet is small but the shape is random. Suitable for both petite and rangy brides.

8. The Composite Bouquet

bridal bouquetsThe composite bouquet is really unique and out-of-the-box.

People usually think that it is just a simple, huge blossom when they first saw it.

But if you look closely…you will find that there are actually hundreds of real flower petals!

A composite bouquet is made of petals wired or glued together to form a single large bloom with a ribbon tied to it.

Looking exquisite in its simplest form!

If you want it more attractive, you can use 2-3 flowers in different colors.

For example, the purple and blue petals in the surroundings and sky blue in the centre.

This kind of bouquet can not last long as the flowers are cut into petals and without any water supply.

floral bouquetPlus, the effect takes great skill to made these bridal bouquets so it can be very expensive.

The composite bridal bouquet prices depends on the type of flowers and size.

A normal 8-inches composite wedding bouquet with roses,

the price of this wedding bouquet can be up to HKD 3000 or above.

Yup, it’s a little bit pricy…

…but the result is really stunning and it’s just worth it.

If you are looking for a trendy wedding bouquet and having enough budget…

Consider this stunner!

Tips: composite flower bouquet are round in shape, the bride can customize the size that relative to your frame. Those with a larger frame will look best with fuller flower groupings.

A Perfect Bouquet Complete Your Perfect Big Day

bride's bouquetDo you have any idea that which wedding bouquet are more suitable for you now?

Every flowers has its own specific meaning, scent and season,

All these with the shape and color of the bouquet has a great influence on your look.

No matter which style you are interested in, the arm, the freeform or the round…

…it is important for you to pick one that will complement your wedding dress!

The brides should start researching as soon as you can in order to have a perfect wedding bouquet for the big day.

Wish you can have a satisfied, perfect wedding bouquet to make your special day more colorful, vibrant and memorable!

Looking for the most beautiful bridal bouquets in Hong Kong? Come and contact with INES WEDDINGS now!!

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