2019 Wedding beauty – Ines Weddings x Perfect Life

Wedding x beauty for all the brides-to-be

我們很高興地宣布,與香港第一有機抗老化專家 Perfect Life,作為我們的商戶合作夥伴。 在未來日子 Ines Weddings 帶給客戶更多優惠、潮流美容資訊及優質的婚禮服務給所有的準新人! 敬請留意。

We are excited to announce a beauty brand of  “ Perfect life ” as our vendor partner. Ines Weddings will bring more special offer, beauty trend and quality wedding services to all every new couple in the future! Please stay tuned.


Perfect Life創立於2007年,集團立足香港,提供一站式的醫學美容及健康服務,擁有多個自家專利的有機健康品牌。


Perfect Life was founded in 2007. Based in Hong Kong, Perfect Life provides one-stop medical beauty and health services and owns several proprietary organic health brands.

Perfect Life has dozens of professional certified senior beauty therapists and experienced beauty consultants, providing comprehensive skin analysis, physical management, customized exclusive treatment and other beauty programs. Over the years, Perfect Life has won a number of international awards and certification, recognized by institutions and the public.


了解 Perfect Life美容新資訊,請瀏覽

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