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16th January 2014 南華早報

South China Morning Post Media Coverage, 南華早報
While flowers are still the most popular choice for the table displays, designs are changing as couples move away from the traditional floral arrangements towards those that reflect their personal style and tastes. And they are also injecting more creativity into decor to  create a wow factor at their wedding.
Couple wants to be different and create something memorable for their guests.
Most of couples are requesting unique,eye-catching designs for guests as they step into the venue.
A Trend and Tips for banquet centerpieces
A trend with the classic round table set-up is a tall floral display, but couples should be mindful that such centerpieces still allow guests to interact with one another across the table. They should be higher that eye level and not interfere with conversation or the line of sight.
Rectangular-style seating arrangements are increasingly popular, with table runner, candles and floral arrangements spanning the length of tables.
Purple floral arrangement for rectangular-style seating

We have even organized centerpieces using ostrich feathers displayed in tall, Eiffel Tower-style vases on head tables. They not only function as beautiful centerpieces, but also bring out the romantic atmosphere at the venue. And incorporating something that has meaning will make it even more memorable for guests.

We ensure that every new couple will experience their dream wedding come true.
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