6 Details About Sir YK Pao Studio Wedding Ceremony And Decoration You Must Know


Last time we’ve introduced you the dream wedding chapel— Béthanie Chapel.

And this time, we are going to introduce you the Sir YK Pao Studio which is located on the upper floor of the Chapel.

We believe that every brides and grooms would like to interact with their guests after the wedding ceremony as you don’t really have time to greet everyone before and during the ceremony…

Especially if you are holding the ceremony in Béthanie Chapel that you will only have 2 hours…

… and if you are not decided to have a wedding banquet at night, you can only say Goodbye to your guests once the wedding ceremony is ended.


So if you want to keep sharing the joy and witness with your guests after the ceremony… we suggest you to have a wedding banquet or cocktail in the Sir YK Pao Studio.

Guests can just go upstair for the banquet once the ceremony is finished.

Of course, you can still rent the Studio even if you are not having your wedding ceremony in the Chapel.

The studio is with stunning view…it distinguished by glass walls which capture magnificent views of the Peak and Lamma Channel;

Also the sloping glass roof brings in natural light to add to the ambience which is absolutely fantastic for taking beautiful photos.

Interested in the Sir YK Pao Studio? Let’s check out these 6 things you should know about the Sir YK Pao Studio and decoration tips!

Introduction & Things You Should Know About the Venue

1.Introduction of Sir YK Pao Studio

The Sir YK Pao Studio is a multi-purpose function room of the HKAPA, its flexible space can be used for dance and yoga classes, corporate functions and wedding receptions.

Many brides-to-be love to have their wedding ceremony in Béthanie Chapel and wedding banquet in the Pao Studio.

What makes this studio so popular?

Well, the magnificent view which you can say it’s one of the top 3 wedding banquet places with stunning view in Hong Kong.

The Studio has glass walls to take advantage of the view in both directions, towards the Lamma Channel to the west and the Peak to the east. 

Also it is designed with sloping glass roof which brings in more natural light to add to the ambience and make the whole atmosphere warm and romantic.

2. Renting Procedure

For Béthanie Chapel there are special booking procedure, you can check out the following article for more details: 8 Tips for booking and decorating the Béthanie Chape

To book the SIR YK Pao Studio, you should follow the general booking guidelines of HKAPA: 

Applications for hire can be made 4 to 12 months in advance of the commencement of the Period of Hire.

However, the Béthanie Chapel is highly desirable that every bride-to-be would make the applications 12 months in advance and it is likely that many of them will also reserved the SIR YK Studio…

So, we suggest you to make the appointment 12 months in advance of the commencement of the period of hire.

For renting the studio, you can complete the form and send it back to the customer service or you can complete and submit the form online through: https://www.hkapa.edu/venue/hire.

The HKAPA will process your application within 3 working days. 

If you wish to get more information about hiring both chapel and studio, you can contact Customer Services at 2584 8633.

3. Timetable and Charges

Years ago the HKAPA has started to offer “Wedding Package Discount” with approximately 30% off the current charges of Sir YK Pao Studio for those who hired Béthanie Chapel.

Note: this discount will be offered only if the wedding ceremony and the banquet is held on the same day.


There are 2 hours/session and 4 hours/sessions for SIR YK Pao Studio.

If you decided to rent both Chapel and studio, you will have to rent the Studio for 4 hours as the sessions of both Chapel and Studio will be started at the same time.

For example, if your session of the Chapel is held at 1300-1500, then the session of the Studio will be 1300-1700.


Price for renting studio only is $5,865/4 hours; $2,940/2 hours

Price rent for renting the Béthanie Chapel at the same time: $4,035/4 hours; $2,020/2 hours, which is 30% off the current charges. (Charges of renting Béthanie Chapel is not included)

4.Floor Area and Equipments


It’s not a small studio and is perfect for a cocktail with maximum 150 people.

The area of the studio is 210 square meters(19.5m W x 10.8m D), which can allow maximum of 150 people to join and it can fit about 15 tables of Chinese banquet.


There’s not much equipment in the studio but only some permanent attachment.

  • Equipped with wall mirrors
  • Two glass walls fitted with roller blinds and doors exit to balcony
  • Sloping roof with insulated glass, max slope height 6.5m from stage floor

You don’t have to worry that you or your guests have to walk down and walk upstair because there is a lift which can load 12 persons.

For the things you may need for the banquet, you should be noted that:

Table and chair for the banquet WILL NOT be provided my HKAPA, you have to look for catering.

Decoration Tips

Although there is no special decoration in Pao studio and it is just a very simple studio, you can still make it a romantic venue. Let’s see how:

5.Reception & Gift for Guests

包玉剛禮堂婚禮To match with the simple style of Pao, it’s perfect to use simple and fresh colour as the theme color.

For example the reception, we suggest a colourless reception desk.

A simple designed colourless desk is a perfect match with the glass wall, mirror and the sloping glass roof.

Or you can put on a white tablecloth and place some little fresh flowers on it to make it more romantic.

For the gift, imagine the soft sky blue as the box and a silver ribbon, it looks elegant!

Or if you want it to be more colorful,…

You can prepare boxes of candies with different colors. Rainbow color is a good choice.

6.Decoration of Dinning Table

包玉剛禮堂婚禮For the table, there are usually two type of wedding banquet table which is long table and round table.

If you are using the long table, we suggest you to decorate it with white bouquet with a glass vase or a white vase to make it a western wedding banquet venue to match with the Gothic chapel.

Flowers of the bouquet can be white rose, white hyacinthus or multiflora rose. It is also a great idea to embellish it with some green leafs.

Apart from the big bouquet, you can also decorate the table with some small bouquet. This time you can use the pink fresh flowers to make it more romantic.

If you are not into white, it’s also great to take peach as the theme color, decorating with different kind of pink and orange.

Of course, soft blue, green and soft yellow are also great choices!

A Professional Wedding Decoration For A Perfect Wedding Banquet Venue

As we just said, although the Sir YK Pao Studio are just a very simple studio without any beautiful decoration..

…It can still be a romantic wedding banquet if it is decorated with good ideas by experienced decorator.

A professional decoration company or decorator can always turn your thoughts into reality…

Not just to save your time, but also to provide you professional ideas and make it a unique and perfect wedding banquet venue for you.

Have more questions about wedding decoration? Contact Ines Weddins now!


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