Personalized wedding honey favors design, 婚宴回禮蜜糖設計

Wedding honey favors designs are unique, let us know your wedding or party theme to match with the design.

100ml of honey gift

Farewell gift
Birthday gift
Wedding gift

Different styles of 80ml honey_favors_wedding_gift

Personalized wedding honey favors design
Personalized label with wooden dipper design

A mini hexagon jar (40ml) with honey bee charm and label design is cute!!

Personalized wedding honey favors design, 婚宴回禮蜜糖設計
Personalized label design

Mini jar of France honey favors (23ml), can be designed in different color theme to match with your wedding!



 Red cloth and round tag design

We would love to design a special and unique decor on your Big Day.
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