Mint & Basil Restaurant Review: Why Should You Read This Before Going There?

Mint & Basil, considered as one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong, is famous for its world-class Thai and Vietnamese food. I was on a business trip to Hong Kong when I come to know about this place through a website called HoneyCombers. They have mentioned about the popularity of this restaurant, the amazing food they serve, and the perfect outdoor ambiance for carrying pets. Moreover, they admired the view of the place that emerged in me, the desire to visit this restaurant. 

As a foodie, I’m always willing to visit restaurants and try out the dishes to check whether they are as good as their name or not. So, I went to the place with two of my friends. While searching about the restaurants, I found that the restaurant has two outlets, we tried to get a table in Sai Wan Ho, which was near to our hotel, but it was already reserved. So, we booked our table in the Mint & Basil Tung Chung outlet.  

As you know, appearances are deceptive. And behind every great thing, there are some drawbacks too so as Mint & Basil has.  When food is love, I always believe in sharing my experience to help others find the best places and stay away from the worst ones. 

I would want you to read this complete review on Mint and Basil before you visit there and know why it is added in the list of best restaurants in Hong Kong. 

The First Impression 

On entering the restaurant, I was pleased with the vibes of the beer garden. There was another indoor dining area, but we had our table booked in the alfresco area. The surrounding and feel of the place was hou ging (awesome). Starring the cozy seating with soft background music, we realize that this is going to be an amazing experience.   

We had G7 table reserved, and we asked the waiter for our placement. The staff was friendly, and he helped us to reach our table. Even the surroundings were clean and hygienic. The outdoor view was mesmerizing, and the best part was the glittering dim lights that soothe our mood. The view from our table was something like this! 

Mint and Basil Tung Chung

It looks fantastic in these pictures, and the real experience is even more phenomenal. 

What about the food? 

When the waiter came to us for asking the order, we were so much confused because there was a lot in the menu. Then we asked him if he could help us choosing some great dishes. And with his suggestions and as per our taste, I ordered papaya salad with shrimps, and my friends had veggie green curry and tom kha soup. There was a long list of cuisines. I clicked a picture of the menu and here it is. 


While waiting for my food, I noticed that a couple was sitting behind us with their tiny tots. The kids were not able to eat spicy food, so they asked the waiter for food assembling according to the kids. Their cooperative staff members prepared a dish as per their instructions, and the kids really enjoyed the food. 

The service was very quick, and they took 15 to 20 minutes to prepare our order. The soup had a tempting smell that made me ravenous. The colors of papaya salad added to my hunger. It had a perfect blend of flavors. The toppings of peanuts added to the taste of the dish. I must say that Chef Tan did a great work with the presentation and delightful taste. 

Other than that, the veggie green curry seemed to be luscious, and my friend praised the exotic flavors. So, I ordered a veggie curry for myself too, and it was ho-may (delicious).  Tom Kha was not that great, but it was fine to have. Apart from lip-smacking starters and main course, they have ample choices in desserts too. The sweet sticky rice with mango and pumpkin pudding are must-tries as they have become my personal favorite desserts. 

Thai Style Papaya Salad

Fortunately, there was price declined offers ongoing on all the dishes. So, we got a discount on the bill. 

More than food, we like their drinks. There was an offer of buy 2, get 2 free on beers, so we availed the offer. Also, they let us taste the flavors and we opt for those we liked. Their drinks were terrific. 

Moving on… 

Talking about the food and the ambiance, the place is great for the value of money. The cost of cuisines was quite reasonable as compared to other best restaurants in Hong Kong. Even the place was pet friendly. Some people come with their dogs. We enjoyed the little time there. 

Considering my thought of writing a review on Mint & Basil, I wanted more knowledge about the place. The waiter told me that they also offer delivery service and are available on food delivery apps such as Foodpanda and Deliveroo. Moreover, they offer to organize small parties and get-togethers also.  

While leaving, I gave a tip to the waiter for his friendly behavior and cooperation.  

Some Cons I found 

  • Even though the restaurant is near to the Airport, but it was far from Hong Kong Island (where we were staying), that made us travel for 40 minutes to reach there. 
  • Some waiters were not fluent in speaking English; they only know Cantonese that first put us in trouble. 
  • As this restaurant is pet friendly, I found some people uncomfortable who might be afraid of dogs. 

Location of restaurant 

Shop K, Seaview Crescent, 8 Waterfront Rd, 

Tung Chung, Hong Kong 

Final Verdict 

Overall, I’d give 4 out of 5 stars to this restaurant. The place has a good environment for families and couples. The food was authentic, and the drinks were relishing.  The aroma of those flavors is still on my taste buds.   

It was my first try on Thai and Vietnamese food, and I must say that it was a memorable experience that made me fall in love with Thai food. So, I’d recommend this place for those who are fond of Thai food, and the ones who haven’t tasted yet.

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