Ines Weddings客戶尊享 Wedding x Beauty 準新人尊享禮遇 

Wedding x Beauty 準新人大喜訊

想在婚禮展現最美狀態? 即送你尊貴美容療程。
Want to show the most beautiful state at the wedding? You’re invited to enjoy an Exclusive beauty treatment offer.

由即日起,凡惠顧任何場地佈置服務、花藝設計或產品訂購,即可免費獲贈由 Perfect Life 送出的尊貴美容療程優惠卷乙張。 詳情請參閱以下內容。

From now on, receive a complimentary gift coupon from Perfect Life upon purchase of any venue decoration service, flower arrangement or product order. Please see below for more details.

Enjoy 1 of FREE treatments as below

  • i – Fit 收腹細胞排毒療程   i-Fit Bio Cell Treatment
    Result: Remove stubborn fat, edema obesity. Eliminate body toxins and stomach bloating. Burn fat of abdomen and tone your body in one work out.
  • 4D 眼部提拉    4D Eyes Lift   
    效果:收緊眼紋 ·提升眼尾 ·去黑眼圈
    Result: Tighten wrinkle around eye, lift a corner of eye and get rid of the black eye socket
  • i Fit健胸療程 i Fit Bust Firming Treatment
    Result: “Push-up” bust, whiten skin and tighten the elasticity. Improve accessory breast, breast shape asymmetry, sagging and reduction after postpartum.

請即預約及登記 。優惠受條款及細則約束,詳情請與職員查詢

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