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How to Do Wedding Planning During Covid-19

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In a typical year, many Americans would have been getting ready at this time of the year to attend a summer wedding or two. We would be preparing for the wedding ceremonies of friends, family, or colleagues. With great big festive events to fill our calendars, steam ironing new suits, picking up new dresses, ordering perfect couple gifts, writing down wedding toasts, and much more to enjoy a joyous time.

But we are very well aware by now that 2020 is far for being a typical year. In fact, it has been such a challenging year that we can’t even be sure if the successive years would do to make up for it. Nonetheless, keeping the global pandemic in mind and observing the social distancing policies to reduce the dangers of Covid-19, people planning their weddings have to switch things up to fit the new norm. As many people refuse to leave their houses, particularly the elderly and events get significantly downsized, let’s find out what you can do to plan a wedding amidst this pandemic.

16 Things to Consider for Planning a Wedding amidst the Pandemic

Here we have listed the top 16 things to consider if you are planning a wedding during Covid-19.

1. Talk to Your Partner

First things first, it is your wedding, and you cannot make decisions all by yourself, especially when it comes to a situation like this. That is why you should have a thorough discussion about this with your partner to understand each other’s take on this. In addition to this, you both should find out if you are on the same page for making the necessary changes it requires to make your wedding event both wholesome and safe.

2. Speed Things Up

Time is of essential importance at this point. We cannot predict anything 100% for the foreseeable future as long as the coronavirus vaccine is not invented. Therefore, it is only understandable to speed things up and make decisions fairly quickly as to how you plan your wedding. The most important question is whether you will go ahead with a quarantine wedding or wait for the rest of the year to see if you can postpone and reschedule next year. Whatever you may decide, one thing is for sure that you may still have to do things a lot different than what you initially must have planned.

3. Hire a Planner

Now is probably not a good time to take matters in your own hand, as there are many things to look after, laws to follow, and still maintain composure. If you are the bride, groom, or anybody close, it is not your time to shine with the wedding planning but rather to find an appropriate planner and let them take it forward. Hiring a wedding planner would significantly reduce your stress from the matters as well as allow you to follow better the rules imposed by the WHO and government officials.

4.  Check Your Investments and Contracts

Budgeting is of utmost importance as there is no point in spending a fortune for a wedding event during these unprecedented times. As I mentioned earlier, nothing can be predicted for sure hence it is only intelligent to spend a decent amount and save the remaining for the future to come. The best way to do this is by checking your investments and contracts that you might have signed up for early on by planning ahead. If any of these are revoked or canceled given the circumstances, allow it and go for a low-cost plan.

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1. Expect Higher Fee and Payments

The consequent next step of canceling some contracts and withdrawing some investments is a higher charge for whatever you sign up for next. Due to the lockdown, wedding management businesses have suffered quite a loss. Therefore, now as the lockdown eases, most of the companies are trying to make up for it by charging a higher fee and advance payments than usual. So it should not come as a shocker if your caterers, wedding planners, dress designers, or makeup artist ends up charging you a little extra than you expect or have thought of. The only advantage here is it will still be lower than your planned cost for a big-budget wedding.

2. Know Your Priorities

Now that you and your partner are on the same page, you have hired a wedding planner, budgeted for, and taken the approach of a significantly smaller wedding. Now you should decide what your priorities are. Out of all the things that you must have been planning for quite some time now, switching things up in a short amount of time can be confusing. The solution to saving your time and peace of mind is to focus on what is most important, without which you might not have a wedding in the first place.

3. Identify the Non-Negotiables

Knowing your priorities would lead you to identify the non-negotiables. After all, even if you prioritize something doesn’t mean now is the right time to go ahead with it. For instance, the bride really wanted the best celebrity makeup artist to give her that no-makeup makeup look. It was definitely a priority, but it is still negotiable. You can pull off a makeup look on your own to not risk visiting a studio at this time. You can buy research papers to find out what is most accessible to you and should be considered non-negotiable and what can’t fit the bill.

4. Plan for a Single Event

Usually, a wedding would integrate 4 to 5 events, to say the least. From a bachelor’s party to a bridal shower, the wedding day, dance reception, and dinner all would accommodate the wedding guests as per the couple’s choice. However, the new norm calls for just a single public event. You can still have a small bachelor party with friends at home, but it is better to plan for only a single event with a restricted time slot, a limited number of guests, and occupying only the main wedding vows and nothing else.

5. Consider a Smaller Guest List

As you are now planning for a smaller event, it is only apparent to consider a lower guest count. Only the immediate family members, siblings, and close friends should make it to the guest list. On a lighter note, others can join your wedding at a Zoom call than risk being there in person. Also, it is best only to have people who live nearby or in your local neighborhood than to gather friends from all over the city. The pandemic has affected different parts of the city differently, so it is not safe to merge people for now.

6. Book Your Venue Accordingly

Book a smaller venue considering you are going for a single event and a lowered number of guests. It is better if you want a church wedding then to go to the courtyard of the church. Or if you were going to have the vows taken anywhere, then make it outdoors. It is better to gather people in an open area than to go for enclosed spaces where observing social distancing can be a hassle. Choosing an open field will make social distancing easy to maintain and make people feel more comfortable in each other’s presence.

7. Send out Digital Invites

There is no need to go door to door for distributing your wedding invites or delivering them out to your friends or relatives for that matter. There are many different ways to create beautiful digital invites or virtual invitations to send out via text messaging or Whatsapp.

8. Communication Is Key

Communication is of significant importance, given that almost everything is so uncertain. From friends to family, all those invited should be kept in the loop and updated accordingly. They should be aware of what is going on with everything. Inform them how you are planning to move about with the wedding, venue, catering, and much more. As much as people would love to attend your wedding and celebrate the happy day of your life, most of them might be panicking even to leave the house. Communication would help them know how you are approaching the event and would help them decide if they are fine for attending your event or not. It is also better you are more considerate of your guests not willing to attend the event and politely refusing.

9. Understand Cancellation Policies

Do not be disheartened, but in times like these, there is a high chance of things getting canceled at the last moment. It is even possible that due to some reason, you go forward to cancel or postpone the event. Therefore, you must understand the cancellation policies beforehand with your wedding planner, caterers, and other people involved. Many policies might not allow you a refund or discount. So reading the white paper would help you make better choices with third-party decorators, caterers, and planners who offer refunds, discounts and have more flexible policies to help you. As I pondered upon it earlier, there is no use of wasting your monetary resources. It would be loads better if you save the extra money for later use.

10. Follow the CDC Guidelines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the CDC have laid out some strict guidelines for every one of us to follow. It is essential to follow them as you cannot risk spreading the disease because of your wedding. It is important you follow the most updated advice as to the date of your event approaches and even ask your venue vendors and planners to comply with the rules and guidelines. Pay close attention that every rule is followed with the focus to detail and without compromising your event’s positive spirit because, after all, it is your wedding day.

11. Observe Extra Hygiene

The primary precautionary measure that we all have been asked to take by the CDC, government, and the experts besides staying home is to observe extra hygiene. Therefore, do not take this lightly, even when it comes to your event. Ask the staff, team, and people involved to make sure they follow all the necessary precautions like disinfecting themselves, sanitization, washing hands, and wearing a mask. As much as people have been complying with everything, they are still taking their time to come around for wearing masks, which is dangerous. No matter how small a group of people you gather for the event, you would not want to risk getting people sick on your big day. Therefore, to counter this, it will be a good idea if you mention it on your invites that everybody has to wear masks at all times.

12. Try To Be More Flexible

Lastly, be more flexible and accommodating about the whole process of planning out your event and eventually getting through with it. Keep a calmer approach that things will ultimately sort out and will conclude as per your plans. It is thoroughly unfortunate for many around the world, and as much as everybody wants things to get normal, we still have to move on with life as per the new norms. Being negative, anxious, or downright rigid about planning out your event will only make things more difficult. Therefore, expect the best and prepare for the worst as the date of your event draws closer.

Bottom Line

All in all, there is no denying the fact that when there is love, then there is a way. If you really want to have a wedding, only you and your partner’s decisions matter the most. So make the most of it, enjoy it!

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