How To Decorate Makeup Cookies With Royal Icing!

What a beautiful makeup cookies!!!
New cookies tutorial sharing.
You may try to find some of the icing cookies idea for your party event.


Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

Colors: The Wilton Color Right color system was used to create all of the icing colors in this set.

  • Teal = blue + yellow
  • Hot pink = pink + red
  • Black
  • Gray = a touch of black
  • Brown
  • Tan = a touch of brown

Save the templates to your
computer so that you can print them and cut them out. Place the
templates over the chilled sheet of cookie dough and cut around them
with a paring knife.

Tip: Wrap the templates in packing tape so that you can wipe them clean and reuse them.


Beautiful Makeup Cookies!!

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