Hong Kong Travel: An Ultimate travel guide for first-time visitors

Hong Kong is a multi-cultural place having diversity in places, spiritual feelings, and food. If you areplanning Hong Kong travel, you must be aware of the culture of the country before visiting.

Hong Kong is a great place when it comes to scenic tourist places. Victoria Harbor, skyscraping, lightshows, hiking, and a lot of experiences are waiting for you. Visit the beautiful beaches of the city and taste the local seafood. Don’t forget to explore the streets to experience cheap shopping and localdishes.

If you are more into shopping while visiting a new place, even then Hong Kong has a lot for you. Buy luxury brands from malls or cheap articles from street markets such as Mong Kok and Sham Shui Po.

Keeping everything in mind, we have written this Hong Kong Travel guide to help you with a full of fun and safe trip to the country.
So, let’s begin:

Why and When to visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a must visiting the place if you are a font of nature’s beauty and adventure activities. Unlike other populated countries, Hong Kong has got multiple attractions for all age groups, such as harbor and seafood for regular travelers and bloggers, Disneyland for kids, hiking for youth, and even religious places for old-aged people.

If you are thinking of visiting Hong Kong, then winters would be a more suitable time to plan. Crowded streets of Hong Kong are best enjoyed when you don’t feel hot, and moreover, it’s the best time to enjoy hiking. So, it would be recommended to go round in between November to January.

Tips to know before you take off

Before your Hong Kong travel or traveling any other country, there are some instructions that everyone should follow, so they don’t have to get through any trouble in an unknown city.

  • Take a CSL sim card with you to have easy access to the network. Hong Kong does have Wi-Fi available in most of places, but it’s better to buy one in case of an emergency.
  • Honestly, Hong Kong is not a budget-friendly place, so you’ll have to carry some extra cash with you. Also, set your daily budget and try to stick to it, so you don’t have to face any inconvenience later.
  • Some incidents, such as medical emergencies or losing your passport, could spoil a trip. So, if you don’t want that, it’s better to get travel insurance before your international trip.
  • Get an Octopus Card for easy transportation. You can’t use a debit card for all modes of
  • transportation. MTR is the most accessible and fast way of traveling around the city.
  • Don’t forget to carry your DSLR because you are going to use it in every place you visit in Hong Kong.
  • Don’t just shop in luxury malls. Even Hong Kong street markets have wonderful things to buy and even at less budget.

Places to visit

Source: alinks.org
  • Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong island the first place that every tourist wants to explore. The island has a lot of sightseeing places that shouldn’t be missed. Basically, its famous for Victoria Harbor, Ocean park, Victoria peak, and other places like Lan Kwai Fong. Don’t miss The Peak Tram that gets you through a memorable tour of skyscrapers view starting from Garden Road Admiralty and reaches Victoria Peak.

  • Beaches and Islands

Even though Hong Kong Island is most famous, but don’t let yourself restricted to that place only. Other
Islands need to be listed in your Hong Kong travel such as Po Toi, Sharp Island, Yim Tin Tsai, Tung Lung
Chau, and more.

Moreover, if you have to chill at the beachside and do some activities in the sand, you should also visit Hong Kong beaches. Go to Stanley beach or Shek O Beach if you like crowded places, whereas if you want a quiet and calm place, then go for remote locations from central, such as Chung Hom Kok Beach and Pui O Beach.

  • Dragon’s back hike

If you want to enjoy adventures hiking, then go for Dragon’s back. It is a place full of fun and scenic views. Dragon’s back offers a 20-minute hike experience starting from the spinal ridge of hike and reach the peak of Shek O beach. From the peak point, you can view breath-taking scenes of Shek O Beach and Big Wave Beach. If you still have the energy to move forward, move 30-meters forward to look at the incredible views of Tai Tam Harbor.

  • Religion and Culture

Visiting a new city means exploring some other culture and history. If you love to explore the religious and cultural places, there’s also a diversity of spiritual places in Hong Kong. If you have a few more days to travel, go through the temples of the city situated at hillsides. One of the famous temples is Man Mo Temple that remains flooded with people offering prayers and devotion. Other spiritual places include Po Lin Monastery and Tin Hau Temple.

  • Disneyland

Disneyland is a tourist attraction place popular among youngsters as well as kids. Meet Disney cartoons and enjoy the fantastic hospitality of the place. Hong Kong Disneyland is located in Lantau Island, and you can easily reach there with public transportation. Disneyland Park is a great place to start with. Get close to Pandas and penguins and click a selfie with them. Moreover, don’t miss the amazing rides to add more fun.

Where to stay in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is an expensive place, and hotels cost very high. So, it would be best to take care of the expenses before choosing a hotel to stay in. Moreover, you should also look for the location, so you’d have easy access to tourist hotspots. Thus, go for hotels in Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong to save your travel time.

Days Hotel is one of the affordable hotels in Hong Kong from where you can have easy access to Island, Dragon’s Back, and other nearby attractions. So, you should go to a cheap hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui after a little research.

Hope you have got enough information on Hong Kong Travel. Have fun!

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