10 Floral Wedding Decoration Tips For A Garden-Like Wedding 2019


Wedding decoration is definitely one of the most important part in your wedding preparation…

You might be expecting a glorious wedding design, but you might be afraid that it would be exaggerated a little bit;

You might want a wedding in simplicity style, but you might worry that it would look a bit dull.

Here’s the deal…

… have you ever thought about adding fresh flowers into your wedding will make everything better?

With the 10 floral wedding decoration tips we are going to introduce, you can definitely have your dream wedding comes true…

…Not to say a stunning harmonious garden-like wedding decoration!

10 Floral Wedding Decoration Tips

  1. Floral Ceremony Arch
  2. Floral Wedding Pathway
  3. Floral Wedding Backdrop
  4. Bridal Bouquet
  5. Corsage
  6. Boutonniere
  7. Floral Ring Pillow
  8. Floral Pew Bows
  9. Floral Centrepiece
  10. Others Floral Table Decoration

1. Floral Ceremony Arch

wedding decoration

A ceremony arch decorated with fresh flowers just fills the entire wedding venue with the feeling of love and harmony.

A gorgeously decorated floral ceremony arch will inevitably surprise your guests and become the focus of the wedding!

wedding decoration hk

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2. Floral Wedding Pathway

wedding garden decoration hong kong

Don’t forget to decorate your wedding pathway with plenty of fresh petals in your dream wedding!

If there is staircases in the wedding venue, using fresh flowers to decorate it will be astonishing!

wedding production house hong kong

The best part?

No matter you want to transform the pathway into an ocean of petals…

…or just a few petal slices on the pathway as an embellishment, it will definitely perfect your wedding ceremony in either way!

the wood decoration hong kong

Of course, this could be a DIY-able wedding decoration.

Just let your bridesmaids unleash their imagination.

3. Floral Wedding Backdrop

wedding backdrop hk

Some people like their wedding backdrop as a ocean of blossom fresh flowers…

Some may just prefer a part of it as an embellishment.

But what you should really concern is…

… does it fit the topic or concept of your own wedding, and of course, whether the appointed venue is fit for it.

wedding garden hk

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4. Bridal Bouquet

event decoration hk

Bridal bouquet is surely indispensable in a wedding ceremony!

And a bridal bouquet made by fresh flower can effortlessly elevate the style and class of your wedding!

Remember, different style of bridal bouquet, can cater for your style of wedding dress and the wedding venue.

fresh flower bridal bouquet

So, don’t forget to check with your appointed wedding stylist and the wedding decoration company before you choose your desired bridal bouquet!

bridal bouquet hong kong

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5. Corsage

wedding corsage hong kong

Corsage is a must-have item for your bridesmaids.

And a corsage made by fresh flower not only gives you an impression of elegance, the fragrance of fresh flower can also elevate the charisma of your bridesmaids.

How proud is it to have a team of lovely scented bridesmaids~

fresh flower corsage design hong kong

6. Boutonniere

fresh flower boutonniere design hong kong

The boutonniere of your groomsmen should be matched with the corsage of your bridesmaids.

It not only gives a tone of uniqueness, but also emanates a sense of completion and perfection.

And boutonnieres that is made of fresh flowers can also give your groomsmen an impression of maturity.

boutonniere for wedding hong kong

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7. Floral Ring Pillow

floral ring pillow design hong kong

Although ring pillow only appears for few minutes in the whole wedding, it is responsible to carry the MOST important item of your wedding — The Rings.

Decorating your ring pillow with a little fresh flower, not only enrich the whole setting of the rings, but also makes the most important moment even more unforgettable.

fresh flower ring pillow design hong kong

8 Floral Pew Bows

wedding decoration hong kong

Thinking about how to make your wedding pew bows extraordinary?

Why not add some fresh flowers on it?

It can be so much more colourful and lovely just by adding your favourite flower.

Add let’s add more life and colour to the solemn church by using fresh flower pew bows to decorate the benches!

fresh flower pew bows design hong kong

wedding pew bows design hong kong

9. Floral Centrepiece

fresh flower centrepiece design hong kong

Want to have a spectacular decoration on each banquet tables?

You need floral centrepieces!

A blossom floral centrepiece would be a good choice for a gloriously gorgeous wedding banquet.

And if simplicity is your style, a little bottom of flower on each tables is more than enough.

floral centrepiece design hong kong


10. Other Floral Table Decoration

floral wedding table decoration hong kong

Decorating with lots of fresh flowers is stunning, it could be quite expensive at the same time.

But you know what?

A mix and match of small amount of fresh flowers with some little decoration items, could also be eye-catching!

fresh flower wedding decoration hong kong

wedding decoration hk

Choose your style, and personalise your own wedding decoration with fresh flowers!!

Each species of flowers has its own meaning.

Choose the language of flower that suits you, will definitely add more meaning to your precious weddings.

And like we have mentioned above, please remember to discuss with your appointed wedding stylist and wedding production house that which kind of flowers you want to choose…

… so as to ensure you will have a perfect and memorable wedding.

If you have any enquiries about fresh flower arrangement or wedding garden decoration in Hong Kong, please feel free to contact INES WEDDINGS.

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