6 Dragon and Phoenix Bangle Styles & 2 Things You Must Know Before Purchasing【Dowry Preparation】


Dragon and Phoenix bracelet is not just a accessories to make the bride looks more gorgeous, it is also meaning a blessing from the bride’s and groom’s families or friends.

It is meaningful, also very valuable that you should do more research before you are going to purchase one and be very careful when you are purchasing it. 

“What do you know about a Dragon and Phoenix bangle?”

“A bangle with the pattern of Dragon and Phoenix on it.”

That’s probably all you know about the Dragon and Phoenix bangle.

What kind of style does it have? What you should pay attention when you are choosing one or purchasing one?

If you are distressed about choosing the perfect Dragon and Phoenix bangle…

Keep reading. This article is wrote for you.

INES WEDDINGS will now share with you the different style of Dragon and Phoenix bangle, and we will also let you know what you should pay attention to when you are really purchasing it.

Read this to find the perfect bangle and give this blessing to the bride!

Dragon and Phoenix Bracelet Style --Lock

There are two type of lock. Gold is soft materials that it is easy to become deformed if you wear it in a wrong way. So, lets learn about how to wear it properly!

1.Screw Lock 

龍鳳鐲重量You can open it horizontally like a normal bangle.

The material of this kind of lock is not only gold but with other metals to make it more hard and firm so this kind of bangles will be heavier.

What’s special : Not easy to have your hand pinched; Easy to Wear; The bangle is more thick.

How to open and wear: Open the security lock first,  press the button in the middle tightly to open the bangle carefully. Put it around the wrist and lock it until you hear the “bang” sound. Finally, close the security lock.

2. Twisted Lock

Source: https://wedding.esdlife.com/

This kind of lock is more complicated that you can not just open it horizontally, but to open it vertically. (one side up and one side down)

This lock is made with pure gold therefore the bangle with this lock is lighter.

What’s special: More traditional; The elders familiar with this kind of bangle; Bangle with this lock may be cheaper as the lock is thinner.

How to open and wear: Open the security lock, open the bangle lightly in S shape, put it around your wrist in S shape, align the two sides of bangle slowly and close it, finally close the security lock.

Dragon and Phoenix Bracelet Style--Design

Although it’s all about Dragon and Phoenix, it can be varied. Here’s the different style of the bangle, both the traditional one and the trendy one.

3. Traditional Dragon and Phoenix Bangle

Source: https://www.chowsangsang.com/

You can find the traditional Dragon and Phoenix bangle in any jewelry store which are selling gold. The design are as the following:

  • With the traditional Chinese word “囍”+Dragon and Phoenix pattern + Sandblasting.
    -Weights: provide different choice of weights.
    -Screw lock / Twisted lock
  • Scalloped edge + traditional Chinese word “囍” + Dragon and Phoenix pattern + sandblasting.
    -Weights: provide different choice of weights.
    -Screw lock / Twisted lock
  • Plain edge + traditional Chinese word “囍” + Dragon and Phoenix pattern + sandblasting.
    -Weights: provide different choice of weights.
    -Screw lock / Twisted lock

4. Trendy Dragon and Phoenix Bangle

Source: https://www.chowsangsang.com/

If you think it’s boring to wear a traditional gold bangle, you may think about the trendy one. No matter is the design of the Dragon and Phoenix pattern, or the font of the word, they are both more special.

The design of trendy Dragon and Phoenix bangle are as follow:

  • Heart-shaped Chinese word “囍” + Dragon and Phoenix pattern + sandblasting. Provide different choice of weights.
    -Weights: provide different choice of weights.
    -Mostly with Twisted lock
  • Pattern of the Chines words (blessing)  “百年好合”, “永結同心” + Dragon and Phoenix pattern + sandblasting.
    -Weights: provide different choice of weights.
    -Mostly with Twisted lock
  • Lace bangle + Chinese word “囍”. Although it is a lace bangle, it actually made with more gold to make it firm and stable.
    -Weights: 1.6 tael or above.
    -Only Screw Lock

5. Traditional 9 Dragons Bangle

9 Dragons bangle(九龍鐲), as its name implies, there are 9 dragons on the bangle. It looks gorgeous and majestic! Of course, as the procedure of making this kind of bangle is more complicated and it is heavier, the cost of labor charge and the gold is more expensive than the other style of bangle.

Here are the style of the traditional 9 dragons bangle:

  • Bangle engraved with 9 single dragon pattern.
    -Weights: provides different choice of weights, 1 tael or above;
    -Mostly screw lock
  • Bangle engraved with 9 dragon.
    -Weights: 1.7 tael or above.
    -Mostly screw lock
  • Bangle engraved with ruby eyes 9 dragons.
    -Twsited lock or Screw Lock

6. Trendy 9 Dragons Bangle

Source: www2.kingfook.com

The tradition 9 dragons bangle is more classic, but the trendy one is more popular among the trendy brides.

There are not so many style of the trendy 9 dragon bangle, most of them are with embossed design to make the dragon looks more stereoscopic. Also, you can also find the one with scalloped edge, engraved dragon, and engraved word “囍” on the button.

Most of these bangles are with screw lock.

9 dragon bangle, especially those with embossed design, is usually more expensive than the other normal Dragon and Phoenix bangle as the embossing technique is complicated and that makes the labor cost increase.

So… 9 dragon bangle is definitely not only looks majestic, but also valuable.

However, some of the brides may find the 9 dragons bangles are exaggerated and they prefer the normal one…

If you are looking for the bangle as a gift but not for personal…

You should think about what the bride prefers first, then the value. What matters most is your blessing but not the actual value of the bangle!

Things You Should Know When Purchasing a Chinese Wedding Gold Bangle

We should always be more careful when purchasing a valuable product to ensure what we get is perfect. Never pay for a flawed product!

When purchasing a Dragon and Phoenix gold bangle, you should:

7. Choose a Reputable Merchant

There are many jewelry store selling gold bangle. Some of them are large companies and some are small.

We are not saying the products of the small companies are bad, but we should do more research to get to know more about the reputation of the company, and of course the quality of their product.

Never purchase a gold bangle in a store just because their price of gold is lower than the other stores.

What makes a gold bangle very valuable is the purity and weight of gold. Most of the Dragon and Phoenix bangles are made with 999.9 gold…

And those dishonest companies will state that the bangle is made with 999.9 gold but it is actually mixed with other materials. Or, they will lie about the weight of gold.

Therefore it is very important for you to choose a reputable store to ensure the quality of the bangle is good.

8. Three Steps to Check the Chinese Gold Bangle

As what we have said, the bangle is a blessing to the bride. Who wants to gift the bride a flawed bangle?…

So… Check it before you purchase.

You can follow this 3 steps:

1. Examine the Surface of the Item

A gold jewelry with good quality should smooth and flawless, without any mark of filing, scraping and hammering. Also, there should be no any barb, crack or any other defects.

2. Examine the Weld

Source: www.shine.gig.hk

The bangle should be firmly welded with no any visible scar. And the design of it should be rational. For example, a small hook should be with a thin chain but not a thick one.

3. Look for a Marking of the Gold

You should find that there a clear marking on the gold that indicates a carat value and the name of metal.

The Bangles Must Be In Pair – Bringing the Good Fortune and Prosperity to the Bride

So… do you have the idea that what style of Dragon and Phoenix bangle you want to buy now?

Although it is really convenient to purchase everything online, we suggest you to go to a physical store for the gold bangle.

You can only imagine what the bangle looks like when you shopping online…what if it looks totally different than you think?

Also, go to the physical store, look at the items and check it carefully before you pay could save you a lot of time.

And most importantly…

You should always gift the bride (or for personal) a Pair of Dragon and Phoenix bangles, never gift her a single bangle as the Dragon and Phoenix are always in pairs to bring the good fortune to the bride, meaning she will be with the groom forever and ever.

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