7 Special Civil Ceremony Wedding Venues in Hong Kong You Should Know [Indoor & Outdoor]


證婚場地推介The civil ceremony is the most important part in your wedding day.

Make the promise and have an official marriage registration meaning you and your spouse going to be a official life partner.

In Hong Kong, many couples would like to have there marriage ceremony take place in the Marriage Registry;

And the others would like to make their most romantic promise in a graceful place.

The former one is a low-cost option, but the venue is narrow and you only have 15 minutes for your ceremony;

While the letter one is a high-cost option, but the places are more comfortable and graceful. You also have more time (usually 1-2hr) for the ceremony.

And yes we all know that the most important thing in a marriage is neither the gorgeous wedding dress nor the luxury place…

But if you ever wish to have your Civil Ceremony in a preferred place and if it is affordable…

Just Do It. Share the sweetest moment with your family and friends in a special and comfortable place!

INES WEDDING has chosen 7 special civil ceremony venues in Hong Kong for you! Including outdoor and indoor choices!

Outdoor Garden/Artificial garden

1. Hong Kong Adventist College

證婚場地2018If you are in love with garden weddings…

Hong Kong Adventist College is definitely a great choice for you!

Hong Kong Adventist College located in Clear Water Bay, Sai Kung, the garden measures over 50,000 sq. ft.

It is really an ideal wedding venue embraced by the beauty of the nature!

Hence, there is an old administration building built in 1939 on one side, and on the other there is a modern Western red brick teaching block in sharp contrast.

Want to make it more perfect and romantic? Don’t hesitate to find a professional to help decorate your wedding venue!

More Information about Hong Kong Adventist College:HK Adventist College Wedding

2. Amour

Amour is located in Kowloon Tong.

Although it does not have a huge garden like the Hong Kong Adventist College has,

It is a cute and fresh little artificial garden in the city!

Don’t worry about the city view. You won’t see the pedestrian bridge or the cars or the buildings as the fence is high enough to hide those…

What you have is a perfect hanging garden.

However, the preset decoration of the garden is not special, new couples may need to do a bit more to make it better.

If you would like to have a little open area with flower and grass as your wedding venue, which also has a good public transport network…

Read more about Amour!

More Information About Amour:Amour


3. King Huy Hall(Christian/Non-Christian)

Getting marry in a white, pure church is always a classic romantic dream that most of the brides would like to make it come true, no matter they are Christian or non-Christian.

However, most of the Church in Hong Kong does not accepts non-religion couples.

Except King Huy Hall.

King Huy Hall is a Church located in Hong Kong Adventist, it is the only Church in Hong Kong which accepts non-Christian couples.

The pastors are authorized to sign legal marriage certificates, so the new couples need not to employ a lawyer as their wedding celebrant.

Also there are many scenic spots outside the church for you to take pictures with your guests, such as the “Bell of Hope”.

The new couples can also have their wedding reception in the garden(outside the church) too!

*However, if one of the new couples are Christian while the other is not, they have to contact the Church directly and have an interview with the Priest first.

More Information About King Huy Hall:King Hui Hall Wedding


4. Ammo

酒店證婚場地Ammo is a western restaurant which located in the middle of Hong Kong, Admiralty.(Asia Society Centre)…

“It must be so noisy then.”


Ammo is actually a quiet place hidden in the noisy city and it’s not difficult to find.

(Don’t worry, you guests won’t get lost)

This restaurant and bar goes for a warehouse chic style with metal and the Black, Gold, Copper as the predominant colors.

If you are metal style lover, you must like this place!

The size and capacity of the restaurant is 58 pax seated (can serve 50-60ppl).

New couples who likes western restaurant for a cozy wedding can visit Ammo to see if it is suitable for you!

More Information about Ammo:Ammo

5. Azure

Azure is a restaurant situated in convenient locations, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, and are easily accessible by public transport.

The restaurant is elegant and and have its unique style, it’s a great choice for a cozy wedding!

Plus, the restaurant have 3 level (29/F – 31/F), new couples can choose any of it depends on their needs.

The 30/F is the most popular one because of its large-capacity and the fabulous circular staircase.

If you are also looking for an open area, Azure is here for you.

Both the 30/F and 31/F have an open area for you to have a small party after your ceremony!

It’s great no matter if you are having your ceremony at the daytime or nighttime as it’s with fine light and decoration.

More Information about Azure:Azure


6. InterContinental Hong Kong Hotel—Terrace Suite

特色證婚場地InterContinental Hong Kong Hotel’s Terrace Suite is always the new couples’ first choice of their civil ceremony.

We know that many hotel in Hong Kong also has an open area but most of them are usually with the view of buildings.

However, InterContinental Hong Kong’s Terrace Suite is with the panoramic views of Victoria Harbour and the Hong Kong Island as the dramatic backdrop. 

The garden is outside the suite so the couples can march in from the room to the outdoor terrace!

Also the terrace suit accommodating up to 60 guests and offers unlimited soft drinks.

One price, on suite, one garden, and unlimited drinks! Is sounds really great, right?

The only shortcoming is that the outdoor terrace only decorated with bouquets and it is way too simple.

New couples may need to put more effort in decorating the venue to make it perfect!

If would like to have a sea view garden as your civil ceremony venue, go for InterContinental’s Terrace Suite!

More Information about the InterCon’s Terrace Suite:InterContinental Terrace Suite

7. Ma Wan Park

戶外證婚場地Man Wan Park is a continental style garden…

In the entrance there is a castle gate…

And behind the gate there is a bell which the bridesmaid have to ring it before the bride/ new couples march in…

After the bridesmaid rang the bell…the bride will pass through   the Rainbow Wall to the main venue(Nature Garden).

Imagine it…Do you feel like you are the princess in the fairy tale?

The natural environment and design of Ma Wan Park are actually very graceful and we believe the extra decoration could probably make it a perfect dreamy venue!

As for the facilities and capacity of Ma Wan Park…

Highlights of the facility include an exclusive pavilion, a winding path lined with budding flowers, plus the use of the 600m² Gathering Plaza that can accommodate over 100 guests.

You can also request for more seats base on your needs.

Though the Man Wan Park is in the city side which is not easy to go by public transport…

It’s your big moment and i beg you and your guest would be happy to be in the “trouble” for once!

More Information about Ma Wan Park:Man Wan Park Wedding Venues

Read Every Details & Make the Booking of Your Favourite ASAP!

After looking at numerous venues we beg you already have more than one favourites…

“I like the garden in Venue A, but I also like the design of Venue B, the style of Venue C seems so good too…”

Actually what you have to pay attention to is not only the environment, but also the details of wedding venues rental.

Such as the price (what’s your budget?), the capacity (how many guests?), the service they provides (a civil celebrant?) etc.

Never make the booking just because of love at first sight…it will only cause you a lot of troubles…

Over Budget…the venue is too small for so many guests…

So always remember to read every details before you make the final decision!

And when you have your final decision, make the booking as soon as possible! Some of the popular venues even request the couples to make the booking 12months before the date!


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