8 Things You Should Know About Hiring a Chinese Wedding Master (Groom-&-Bride-to-be Must Read)


大妗姐價錢We all know that there are many rituals in a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony.

Start from hair-combing ceremony…then the groom picking up the bride…and the tea ceremony…

All these etiquettes full of different rules that you or your family may not know well.

But don’t worry!

There’re always one person could help you with all these etiquettes to make your wedding perfect and more fortunate—

—The Chinese Wedding Master(大妗姐), who plays a important role in a Chinese wedding.

However many of you may not familiar with this “master” and have a lot of doubts about that…

“Do I really need to hire a Chinese wedding master?”

“How can they actually help me?”

“How much do the masters charge?”

In order to help you to get clear of all these questions to find a suitable Chinese wedding master to help you with your wedding…

…INES WEDDINGS will now share with you the 8 things that you should know about hiring a Chinese Wedding Master.

Check it out now!

1. Do I Really Need to Hire a Chinese Wedding Master?

大妗姐對白Everyone can be the Chinese Wedding Master.

Your friend, your relative, or your colleague…

…only if you think they are qualified.

If you want to know do you really need to buy a Chinese wedding master service from a wedding company instead of asking for your friend’s help…

Questions yourself:

Is there anyone around you or your spouse is familiar with ALL the rituals of a traditional Chinese Wedding?

Including Hair-dressing Ritual, Send Dowry, Tea Ceremony, Homecoming Ritual etc.

In the olden times, the entire Chinese traditional wedding etiquette which known as “Six Ritual Three Books” is much more complicated than now…

Most of the couples do not know well about all the rituals…

therefore there’s always a person with professional knowledge and skills in Chinese wedding will help to arrange and prepare all stuffs required for etiquettes.

Nowadays, although you can easily find all the information on the internet, it is still difficult for a person who is less-experienced to hold a Chinese wedding.

So, if you want your Chinese wedding goes smoothly with no mistakes…

it’s recommended for you to hire a experienced Chinese Wedding Master.

2. Make Sure the Chinese Wedding Master Has All the Basic Skills

What is the duties of a Chinese wedding master?

Most of you may say: to hold the tea ceremony…and accompany the bride on the wedding day…that’s all.

But that’s not true. They actually have lots of duties and it requires many skills.

Here’s their duties and skills needed:

Reconcile disputes among the couple’s families

Different people have different opinions.

When planning the wedding, the bride’s and groom’s family will always have arguments.

The bride’s family think it’s right to blah blah blah, while the groom’s family think it’s wrong…

To reconcile all these disputes among the couple’s families,

We need a Chinese wedding master, who is familiar with all the etiquettes, to convince both bride’s and groom’s family.

Help to complete the pre-ceremony rituals

A Chinese Wedding Master is not only responsible for the wedding day.

They also can help you to arrange and complete all the pre-ceremony rituals. For example, to help order the dowry.

Perform the ceremony—  “Pray to the heavens and earth”, “Hair Combing”(拜堂/拜天地)

If the Chinese wedding master meet the requirements as a good fortune(好命婆),

She can also perform the “Pray to the heavens and earth” and “Hair Combing” ceremony.

Tea ceremony (give words of blessing)

香港大妗姐The procedure and rules of tea ceremony is complicated and it’s always why the couples wants to have a Chinese Wedding Master in their wedding.

Apart from the procedure, the Chinese wedding master should familiar with a series of words of blessings and say the different blessing according to different people.

The order of serving tea:  The parents will be served first, then the grandparents, grand uncles and aunts, uncles and aunts, and then elder siblings.

3. An Excellent Chinese Wedding Master

What we’ve just talked about is the basic skills and duties of a Chinese Wedding Master.

And a Chinese Wedding Master with excellent skills can provide you more services to make you stress-free.

They can not only be your Chinese Wedding Master, but also be your Chinese wedding consultant and planner…

To help you arrange all the details and provide you professional opinions to make the whole wedding more harmonious and fortunate.

4. Do I Need To Give a Big Amount of Red Packet to the Chinese Wedding Master?

大妗姐服務Many soon-to-weds concerns about this:

“Do I need to give a big amount of red packet to the Chinese wedding master?”

The answer is NO.

In the olden times, 30-60s, the Chinese wedding master is very low pay and the red packet becomes their main income.

However, today, the salary of a Chinese wedding master has increased largely and they no longer needs to rely on the red packet.

So…give your Chinese wedding master a red packet(it shows your gratitude), but a big amount is not necessary.

5. The Religion of the Couples and the Chinese Wedding Master

Some of you may question that:

  1. Can I hire a Chinese Wedding Master if I am a Christian or Catholic?(or other religion)
  2. Can I hire a Chinese Wedding Master who is Christian or Catholic?(or other religion)

The answer is YES.

There’s nothing to do with the religion.

Everyone can be the Chinese Wedding Master as long as she is familiar with the Chinese wedding rituals.

In today there’re many young Chinese wedding master who is Christian or Catholic, they can even use the Bible verses as the blessing in the tea ceremony!

6. Age of the Chinese Wedding Master

People usually think that a Chinese Wedding Master is always a old lady who lives happily with her son and grandson.

However, there’re more and more young ladies becoming a Chinese Wedding Master, some of them are only around 30!

Age of the Chinese Wedding Master should not be what you concern…

…but the experience she has and how professional she is.

Many young Chinese Wedding Master is actually doing better than the elder!

7. The Charge

大妗姐收費There’re usually 3 packages of Chinese Wedding Master service:

A. Half Day: Around $2500 – $2800, service usually includes: Homecoming, Tea ceremony, Full House Meal(滿堂飯)

B. Full Day: Around $3800 – $4300, service includes: All of the above & Tea ceremony at night (at the wedding banquet)

C. An Entire Set: Around--

$6800: Usually 3days service, including Send and receive betrothal gifts, Prepare dowry, Hair combing ceremony, Bed setting ceremony, Wedding day(full day), and The return of bride to her mother.


$10000: more than 3days, help with ALL rituals, including Choosing an auspicious wedding time.

Most of the Hong Kong wedding company provide different packages, you can choose the most suitable one based on your needs and budget!

8. The Chinese Wedding Master Make Things More Complicated?

Some of you may worry that the Chinese wedding master will make the wedding more complicated as they care about every etiquettes and rules…

But don’t worry…

Most of the master/wedding company will not force you to complete every rituals.

You Decide What You Want In Your Wedding.

What the master do is to provide you what you want…

In the meantime, they will make sure the whole ceremony is conventional.

So…they are not going to make your wedding complicated, but to make it perfect!

Let the Chinese Wedding Master Make You a Stress-free & Fortunate Wedding

If you decided to have a Chinese wedding and there’s no relative and friends can help you with the rituals…

Don’t hesitate to find a Chinese Wedding Master!

A Chinese Wedding Master is not just a person who can help you with the rituals,

She is also the bride’s amulet!

According to myth there will be many evil spirits try to hurt the bride when she leaves her home to the groom’s home…

In order to protect the brides from the evil spirits…the Chinese wedding master will hold a red umbrella over the bride’s head, meaning “raise the bark, spread the leaves.”

So… Do you want a Chinese wedding master to make you a stress-free & fortunate wedding?

If YES, remember to choose your Chinese wedding master as early as possible, especially if you’re looking for a famous one!

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