15 Hilarious Chinese Wedding Door Games 2019 【Have a Good and Pleasant Time】


wedding door gameThe groom picking up the bride is one of the most important Chinese wedding tradition.

And the door games must be the most exciting part of it that every bridesmaids and groomsmen would look forward to it.

Bridesmaids would think tons of difficult tasks just to make the groom prove his love to their sister…

…while the groomsmen try their best just to help their brother to claim his bride.

Hilarious and fun door games can definitely make everyone laugh and create a happy atmosphere…

Or can even help the bridesmaids and the groomsmen get familiar with each others…

And the most important thing is that it can help to reach the goal…

“Make the groom prove his sincerity and love to his future wife.”

However, meaningless games that only aims to embarrass the groom and the groomsmen…

…will only ruin the section or even the whole wedding.

“So, how to choose door games?”

INES WEDDINGS will share with you 15 creative and challenging games that you would definitely enjoy it and have a good time!

1. No Money No Honey

玩兄弟遊戲2017This is usually the first challenge that the groom’s party has to go through…

“No Money, No Honey!”

If the groom and the groomsmen wants to get into the house…

Just hand out the “red pocket” to the bridesmaids!

And bridesmaids…

…remember not to ask for too much as the red pocket is just for having an auspicious beginning.

The usual amount are usually HK$888 (the number 8 is the lucky number in Chinese culture) or HK$999 (9 represents ‘eternity’ in Chinese).

2. The Four Flavours of Life

Marriage is a part of life and will go through ups and downs — sweet, sour, bitter and hot/spicy—together.

So, you better let the groom get ready before he stepped into marriage!

Whip up some drinks or food that have each flavours.

(Or you can make it an ice cube, it’s even more exciting!)

The foods can be syrup(sweetness), apple cider vinegar(sourness), Chinese medicine(bitterness) and red chilli(spiciness).

Make sure the groom and the other boys has tasted each of the food…

And you will definitely want to see their funny expressions!

3. No Pain, No Love

Women always suffer from pain for the men they love…

They wax the legs just to impress him…they give birth to the child for building a family…

We can’t make the groom replace the bride to suffer from the pain of childbirth…

But we can let him try suffering from the pain of waxing the legs!

“Good friends share good times but great friends divide pain” as they say…

So… wax the groomsman’s legs too!

And remember to capture the hilarious moment!

TIPS: If you want the test more challenging you can let the boys experience how pregnancy feels like by putting a weight wrap around their tummy too.

4. Dirty Dancing

接新娘開門遊戲Simply dancing is just too easy and simple for a door game.

Try something more entertaining—steamy and sexy dance!

It could make you laugh your head off and at the same time you can see if the groom is willing to drop his ego for his beloved!

Here are some suggestions for the background music:

5. Q&A Challenge

Woman always ask “What do I look different today?” when dating…

Level up the question today!

Prepare a series of questions about the bride and their relationship.

For any incorrect answer, punish the groom and the boys with either 10 reps of press ups or a difficult yoga pose for 1 minute.

This game will make the groom’s face look pale as there are so much pressure from his friends and his future wife!

Here are some example questions:

  1. Place of first kiss with the bride?
  2. What is the last word the bride said to you last night?
  3. What’s the bride’s favourite colour?

6. Pass The Love Around

Line the boys up and put up red lipsticks for them…

And ask them to pass seaweed along only with their mouth!

This game is a great chance for guys to work together and take some embarrassing photos and videos!

TIPS: The smaller the seaweed is, the more exciting the game is.

7. Sweet Serenade

接新娘玩兄弟遊戲This game is more romantic and more suitable for the groom to finish it alone.(Groomsman could finally take a rest!)

The groom has to sing a very old and sappy love song.

The more sappy, the better!

Because it’s really not easy for a man to sing such a sappy song in front of so many people…right?

This game aims to make the groom prove his sincerity of his love…

…so girls, don’t hesitate to request the groom to turn the volume up!

8. Ice Water Challenge

Love needs a lot of patience and forgiveness.

More patience, less argue, and love will last forever.

Prepare a large pot of ice water with mahjong tiles inside of it.

Then ask the groom and the groomsmen to pick the tiles up using their feet and toes only.

It’s not easy to put the feet into the ice-cold water no matter it’s summer or winter…

It’s really a good game to test the groom’s patience!

9. Dry Cracker Brings Laughter

玩新郎遊戲跳舞Prepare a packet of dry crackers and ask the boys to eat it all in the limited time.

Or you can make it a competition…Boys who can’t finish it on time has to be punished!

Although this game is simple, it can brings a lot of laughter!

TIPS: Do be kind, have some water for them!

10.  How Well You Know the bride’s Family?

Prepare a bride’s family picture and ask the groom to tell what’s the relationship between every relatives and the bride.

TIPS: In order to increase the difficulty, ask the groom to recall the names of all of her relatives instead.

But make sure the bride knows the names too!

This game can show if the groom is a careful person or did he pay attention to the bride’s family.

And it will be even more challenging and exciting if the bride has a big family!

11. The Apple of His Eye

好玩接新娘遊戲The groom should be very familiar with the bride’s face as he may seen her every day.

Take pictures of bride’s and other people’s facial features(nose, eyes, lips, ears) particularly…

…and ask the groom and the groomsmen to work together to find which pictures belongs to the bride.

If they get it wrong…

Girls, punish them!

Maybe some push ups or sit ups? And bride, punish him after wedding!

It is also suggested to set a time limit or play some short and fast-paced song to make it more exciting.

12. Difficult Push-Ups

Normal push-ups is not really challenging for man…

So, make it unusual and difficult!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pair up the boys.
  2. Ask one of them to lie on the floor with their mouth holding a biscuit.
  3. Another one do the push-ups on top and get the biscuit.

The one who had the least biscuits have to be punished!

This kind of push-ups not only ask for the boy’s skill, but also their energy and endurance…

If they couldn’t hold it for a little bit longer…

…well, it’ll be even more hilarious to see them kiss their brothers!

13. Save the Bride

好玩接新娘遊戲This game is quite difficult that needs so much patience.

Hang a scarf on the bride’s neck and tie it as a Buckaroo Knot.(or something like that)

Ask the groom to untie the knot with his mouth only.

If he touched the scarf with hands or couldn’t untie it on time…he has to be punished!

The groom and the bride will be so embarrassing and their expression will be very funny that will makes everyone laughs!

14. Find the Bride

Prepare ten 3-4 meters red ropes and tie different things to it like sponge, smelly socks, feather, etc.

Have the bride holding one of the rope.

If the groom chose the one that the bride is holding…let him pass!

If not…

Ask him to kiss the thing as a punishment.

Imagine when he has to kiss the smelly socks…

It’s really funny, right?

15. Love Vows

創意玩新郎遊戲“Love vow” is usually the last game of the whole section and it aims to let the groom show his love to the bride in a romantic but relaxed way.

Love vow can be funny, traditional, or romantic, it’s all about making a promise to the bride sincerely.

If the bride and the bridesmaids are satisfied with the love vow, the gates open and the groom can claim his bride successfully!

As for how to create love vows…go to our “7 Tips To Create Love Vows For Your Perfect Big Day 【Samples Inside】“!

Enjoy Every Funny, Lovely, Romantic Moment

Bride’s and groom’s party should remember that playing door games are aims to create a beautiful memory for everyone.

Never make it goes bad like…

Asking too much amount of red pocket, or make the punishments over embarrassed.

The most important thing is that all of you should enjoy playing every games and enjoy every moments with your heart…

That’s how to make you and everyone have a good time without any bad feelings…

…And have a really good start on your Big Day!

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