8 Tips for Choosing the Right Bridesmaid Dresses

Finally you have decided on your dream wedding dress. But now, you have another tough decision to make.

Choosing bridesmaids’ dresses sometimes can feel quite overwhelming than choosing your own wedding gown.

No matter how many article you have read, you may still have no idea of how to choose the perfect dress that fit your dearest bridesmaids— who play a important role in your big day.

So, make sure the one you choose not only complement the style of your wedding dress, but also make your ladies look beautiful.

To help avoid any stress and keep you in bridal bliss, INES WEDDINGS has come up with the 8 tips that will help you decide on the perfect styles that you and your bridesmaids will love.

When choosing a bridesmaid dress, YOU SHOULD:

1. Pick the Simple and Elegant Colour

Watch out for colour clashes.

I bet you have heard someone commenting on their bridesmaid dress like : “This is so old-fashioned”

To avoid your bridesmaid having the same thought, you may want to choose a dress with simple and elegant colours.

For example grey tone like blue fog, dusty rose or elegant grey which is a low-key luxe style.

Plus, these kind of simple colours can highlight your gorgeous wedding dress.

If you are choosing warm colour, then you may need to avoid colours like pink, blue or champagne.

Although those colour are beautiful and trendy, it doesn’t look good on every skin tones.

2. Choose the Same Colour but Different Styles.

Even though the bridesmaids dresses have to be coordinated, it doesn’t mean they have to be 100% the same.

It is boring if all your bridesmaid is wearing the dress with same colour, same cutting and same style.

Moreover, one dress does not fit all. I believe that your ladies would love to have a lovely dress that fits her perfectly so she can beautifully participate in your big day.

If you are also struggling in this problem, consider mixing things up by choosing different dresses in the same colour. You could choose 2-3 styles and let your girls select their own dress.

e.g. Girl who is chubby may not want to show their arms, girl who is slim may want to wear a sleeveless dress, and they can also choose to wear a a-line dress or long dress based on their legs shape.

By letting them choosing their own dress style, you can ensure the dresses will still coordinate with one another and the ladies will feel confident and comfortable.

3. Choose the Comfortable Fabric

Your bridesmaids could be wearing their dresses for up to 12 hours or even longer and doing all matter of things from walking down the aisle, playing the doors-game, making speech etc.

If the fabric of their dress is not comfortable that’s too tight-fitting, they will probably have trouble in walking (for the whole day!)

So what’s fabric is best for bridesmaids’ dress?

Chiffon fabric would be a great choice as it is a light weight fabric you can easily move around in!

4. Listens to Your Ladies

After-all your bridesmaids are the ones who wear the dress on, therefore their opinions are always important and you should open to their ideas before you make the final decision.

You may:
Create a bridesmaids group in Whatsapp (or any other communication app) and try to find out what colours and styles they don’t like.

Go to the store and send them the picture of the best 5 dress (based on the fabric, color and style etc.)

Go to the shop again with your bridesmaid and ask her to dress them on. Take another group of photo and send them to your ladies and let them vote.

By doing this, you can ensure your ladies will be satisfied with the dress!


5. Pick the Wrong Style for the Venue

Source:Krystal Zaskey Photography

Many of you may ignore if the style of the dress is appropriate for your wedding venue or not.

If you don’t take it as consideration, I bet the scene will be so weird and embarrassed.

So, remember to choose the one that is appropriate for you venue.

For example if you are having a religious ceremony in a church, you will have to remember modesty is the point and AVOID choosing a dress with plunging necklines;

And if you are marrying on the beach or other outdoor venue, you may need to avoid chiffon and long dresses because they can get caught up and damaged easily. (Especially if you are renting one instead of buying one)

6. Choose the One with Sexy Style

Always remember you should never choose a dress for your bridesmaid that is too sexy.

Why? Because you are the star of your wedding, not any others.

Try to say no to hose sexy dresses which is too short, with plunging V-Neck dresses, tight-fitting or split style.

You don’t want your bridesmaid steal your limelight on your Big day, don’t you?

7. Choose the One that is Too Similar to Your Own Gown

Don’t dress your bridesmaids in anything too close to your own wedding gown, no matter the style, design or details.

Why? Because the idea of bridesmaid dress is to complement the bride’s look, not overpower it.

For example, if you are wearing lace, choose bridesmaids styles with just a touch of lace to echo your look.

Or you can get some inspiration from your wedding gown, select a single small detail and introduce it into the bridesmaid dress. i.e. the details in back, strap, etc.

8. One Size for All

Last but not least, think about the fit of the gown.

Bridesmaid dresses should be flattering across all body shapes and sizes.

No matter if the dress is too tight or too loose bodices could all cause added stress on the wedding day so make sure all of your bridesmaids try on their dresses to if they need any adjustment.

Bridesmaid Dress is As Important As Your Wedding Gown, Let’s Choose the Right One!

Don’t forget that although it’s your wedding, you asked these girls to stand by your side for a reason and they are going to be a huge part of the wedding day.

So, let’s share the joy with them by choosing a perfect dress for them and make sure they look great and feel even better!

Another tip:

If you are gonna have a tailor-made bridesmaid dress, begin by browsing. Start off by doing some research online of offline to get some inspiration.

And if you are going to buy or rent one, don’t hesitate to show the sales the photo of your ‘maids. They will recommend you some great choice with their experience.

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