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15 Details When Choosing Bridal Makeup Services In Hong Kong 2019

bridal makeup servicesUndoubtedly, every bride-to-be wants to become the most gorgeous one on their own wedding days…

… and picking a good bridal makeup service that suits your style becomes the most imperative part in the whole process.

There are so many factors you should know when you are finding bridal makeup services in Hong Kong.

And now, INES WEDDINGS has listed out all the details for you to be aware of while you are looking for the best bridal makeup service for your Big Day!!

15 Details You Should Know When Choosing Bridal Makeup Services:

1. Do Your Research

A good wedding makeup stylist not only capable of crafting your dream makeup style, but showing responsibility is also very important.

Punctuality, credibility, clearness on figures… A good working ethic is definitely a key to look into.

If you don’t have any makeup stylists referral or recommendation from your friends…

… you can actually do your research on different wedding forums and information sites.

And really dig into their portfolio and comments from their previous clients.

Of course, you have to discern the ‘REAL’ comments for the stylist and make sure you are looking on those objective comments with no exaggeration.

If you really desire to find the best bridal makeup stylist that suits you, it’s inevitably you have to put  some effort on your research.

2. Looking at Portfolio Of The Stylist

bridal makeup hkBasically, you can understand the style and their skills level through looking at the portfolio of the stylist.

You can see how the texture of the makeup is shown on the pictures.

And if that fits the styles you want, you can first put it in your consideration of makeup trial list.

It is definitely not a good idea to make your final decision just by looking at their portfolios, as the photos may be photoshopped or enhanced in someway.

So, it’s important to go for a trial makeup in person. Make you decision only after you truly satisfied with the actual makeup.

3. Make Your Makeup Trial Appointments Earlier

If you want a perfect wedding day, you should do your makeup trial as earlier as possible.

This is because not all the bridal makeup stylist suits you.

Also, a trial is an opportunity for the stylist to thoroughly understand your need.

It worths the time to try out a few different stylists, so as to find ONE that suits your style and your personality the most.

Additionally, if you want to appoint a stylist on an auspicious day or in wedding peak season, you definitely have to book it earlier.

Normally, it is the best to make your appointment 8 months before your Big Day.

And for some top stylists, you may need to make the appointment a year earlier or more.

4. Provide Reference For The Look You Desire

Before your makeup trial, try your best to find more reference photos of makeup and hair styles for your stylists.

This is because sometimes it’s hard to understand what you really want merely by listening to your verbal description.

On the other hand, the style you like may not always suits you.

So, if you have some references, at least the stylist can speculate what kind of look you are fond of.

And let the stylists to tailor-made a bridal makeup and hair style for you based on their professionalism and techniques.

You can click here for more bridal makeup tips

5. Understanding Your Facial Contours And Its Features

wedding makeupYou might have more understanding on your facial contours if you are used to makeup.

For most of the people, their facial features are not bilaterally symmetric.

A professional makeup stylist must be able to recognise it.

Just, if you are clear about your own face, you can tell them in advance.

It’s all about communication.

6. Try To Test Your Makeup Trial In Different Lighting

After your makeup trial is done, don’t forget to test it in different lighting!

Nowadays, almost all kinds of cell phone cameras or the photo software itself, have the enhancing effect by default…

… so, it’s important to look at the actual makeup by your own eyes.

On the other hand, normally the light setting in the stylist’s workshop is optimised.

So, remember to go somewhere else with brighter light to “Double-Check” the makeup.

And of course, you may want to match the light setting of your appointed wedding banquet venue.

7. The Quality Of Products The Stylist Uses

bridal makeup picturesSome people may have sensitive skin issues.

It is necessary for you to be caution whether the products the stylist uses are fit for you.

One more thing, beware of the cleanliness of the makeup brushes they use.

If the brushes were not cleaned thoroughly every time after they have used it with their recent clients, gems and bacterias may be induced and left in the brushes.

Even worst?

It will affect your skin badly.

In the point, you may choose to bring your own makeup kit if necessary.

8. Choose The Makeup Products That Suit You Most.

After your trial, beware that if you feel itchy on your face or it happens to have some allergic reactions.

It is better to ask your stylist if they have prepared different products for different skin types, especially for sensitive skin.

And of course, the best way is that you can tell or even provide the products that you have been using, to minimise anything unexpected on your Big Day.

9. Bring Your Own Products

bridal makeup tipsIf there is a specific number of lipstick colour or a brand of concealer you particularly love…

…you better communicate with your stylist first so as to match with your bridal makeup style.

Also, it’s never too good to be fully prepared for any unexpected situations, right?

10. Is Makeup For Bridesmaids Included?

Some bridesmaids may want to do their makeup by themselves, but some, may want to hire your stylist too.

If the number of bridesmaids is more than one wedding makeup stylist can handle, you may need to consider to arrange more people.

Additionally, if there is extra charge for each extra person to do the makeup, make sure everything is written on the terms & conditions in the service agreement.

11. Have Everything In Black & White

bridal makeupNormally, if you are satisfied with the trial makeup, you can pay the deposit and make the appointment for your wedding day.

However, many people misunderstood that the deposit is included in the makeup service charge on your Big Day.

In fact, most of the time, the purpose of deposit is for reserving the bridal makeup service on your Big Day ONLY.

The actual cost should be paid on the wedding day.

And remember, no matter how much you and your stylist can get along well, you must be very careful when it comes to businesses.

The best practice:

Sign a service agreement with all the terms & conditions clearly stated.

For example, the number of person the stylist will serve, number of styles to change, number of retouch, overtime charge, travel cost and the time to pay the rest of outstanding payment…etc.

With all of the terms clearly stated, to make sure nothing could go wrong in your most important day of your life.

12. Other Terms & Conditions And Charges

Make it very clear on your agreement that whether the outstanding payment will be paid before or after the wedding, so that it wouldn’t be awkward when the stylist asks you for the payment.

Also, details like what the service package is included…

…if the schedule of your wedding day starts earlier than what you had compromised, what would be the service charge…

…will you need the service for whole day or only in the morning and evening session?

As each wedding makeup stylist may have different charges on these terms, so it must be clearly stated and communicated before you sign the agreement.

13. Understanding The Responsibility Of A Bridal Makeup Stylist

Every brides-to-be may have different expectations on their stylists.

Some brides may believe that a wedding makeup stylist has to provide a close 1-on-1 service, including things like tidying up the wedding dress time to time.

The fact is, even if you appointed the stylist for whole day, their responsibility are only limited to bridal makeup and hairstyle.

In the process, the stylist is responsible for all basic cleansing, skin care, foundation, makeup and retouch.

Of course, the frequency of retouch depends on many factors like different situations and the schedule of wedding.

However, at the end of the day, it really requires communication on both the bride and the stylist.

And for most of the wedding makeup stylists, they would change the style or do the retouch before any shooting and before the wedding banquet started.

14. Price Difference In Bridal Makeup Services In Hong Kong

The difference of the price is directly related to the experience the stylist has.

If some makeup stylists have a lower price than average, you definitely have to be caution that if they are newbies in this profession.

A bridal makeup stylist who is lack in experience, may leads to overtime and affects the schedule of the wedding, delays the auspicious time of the ceremony or even leads to an overtime usage of the banquet venue.

On the other hand, be clear on the standby time of the stylist and the charge for overtime.

Remember, if you are expecting a perfect Big Day, you should look for a high quality wedding makeup service rather than on the price.

15. Outstanding Payment

新娘化妝Don’t be surprised if the outstanding payment exceeds a little bit what you have compromised.

Understand that there may be some extra cost during the process.

For example:

If the client hadn’t asked for a whole day service, but only requested it on their Big Day.

If the service request started in early morning, extra fee and travelling fee will be charged.

If bridesmaids or any other relatives of the bride or groom requested a makeup on the day, it should also be charged per person or per style.

And, if there is any overtime service charges.

All of these could cause the outstanding payment to be exceeded the original amount.

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