8 Tips for booking and decorating the Béthanie Chapel


Holding the wedding ceremony in a white chapel is always the dream of many bride-to-be as its romantic atmosphere makes them feel like they are in a fairy tale.

However, in Hong Kong, most of the Chapel in Hong Kong does not accepts non-religion couples, but not the Béthanie Chapel in HKAPA.

The Béthanie Chapel is over 130 years old and it is the only Neo-gothic style building in Hong Kong.

The Béthanie Chapel has 100 people capacity. There are rubble and ashlar plinth walls at the basement level, ornamental balustrades and arched colonnades leading to the verandahs form the elevations of the building and make it exotic.

All you need to make it your perfect wedding venue is a little but detailed decoration.

Want to hold your ceremony here? Hold on.

This Chapel is a popular wedding venue that you are going to have so many competitors.

If you want to make the booking successfully so you can hold your wedding ceremony on the date and time you want in your dream venue, you have to be familiar with its booking procedures first to make sure you won’t make any mistake that may cause you fail in booking.

INES WEDDINGS will now share with you the 8 tips for booking and decorating the Béthanie Chapel, note that down now!

Booking Procedures & Things to Know

1. The Earliest Date You Can Make the Booking

All the bride and groom-to-be should pay attention that the Academy only accepts applications for hire to be made within 12 months in advance.

For example, any booking in Aug 2019, customer services department will start to accept booking at 00:00 hour on 1st Sep 2018.

So if you want to apply for hire on 13th Aug 2019, you can start to make the booking at 00:00 hour on 1st Sep 2018.

For another example, if you want to make the reservation on 1st Dec 2019, you can start to make the booking at 00:00 on 1st Jan 2018.

As all applications will be served on “first-come-first-serve” basis, bride&groom to be are suggested to make the application 12 months in advance, the first day of the acceptance of application.

And you should double or even triple confirm when is the first date that you can make the booking. Once you are late, not even a day, just a couple of minutes can make you lost your dream wedding venue/date/time slot.

2. Booking Way & Procedures

To reserve your wedding session, you should call 2110 8655 and make reservation by using interactive voice response system.

In order to help you with booking, INES WEDDINGS will now tell you the booking procedures. Lets note it down and make sure you won’t make any mistake:

  1. Call 2110 8655, choose the language by following the instructions: Press 1 for Cantonese; 2 for English; 3 for Mandarin
  2. Enter the first 6 digit of the groom’s or the bride’s HKID/Passport number, Press the # when done.
  3. Enter a valid HK mobile phone number and press # for re SMS and personal contact
  4. Enter the booking date in the form of Year-Month-Day and press # to confirm, e.g. 20191215#
  5. Choose time slot* ]
  6. Get the result right after your selection.

Booking Time Slot:

  • Mondays to Fridays: 12:00-14:00
  • Saturdays: 10:00-12:00, 13:00-15:00, 16:00-18:00
  • Sunday: 3:00-1530, 16:00-18:00

3. Things You Should Know About the Booking

伯大尼教堂婚禮These may happens while you are making the reservation:

1. The date you choose is not available (it’s full)

If the date or time slot you choose is not available, the system will guide you to choose another date/session.

So, you should better have 2 choices of wedding date. Never assume that you will 100% make the reservation successfully with your first choice.

2. Wrong Input

Another thing to be pay attention with:

If you input the information incorrectly for 3 times, the system will stop automatically and you will have to make the call again. In order to avoid wrong input, you should mark down the information you will need for the booking before you make the call.

4. Be Well Prepared for Booking

As the applications will be served on the “first-come-first-serve” basis, most of the bride/groom-to-be will start to make the reservation 12 months in advance (at 00:00 on the first day)

However, as we are not sure about how the system updates the time and date, you should also be well prepared for different situation:

1. Make the Call and finish entering of booking date at 00:00. If the system can be updated while you are calling, you can make the call 1-2 minutes in advance and just make sure you enter the booking date at 00:00. (If it can’t be updated, the system will tell you that “the date you have entered is not available.”)

2. Make the Call with another mobile phone at 00:00

In case the system cannot be updated while you are calling, you should prepare another mobile phone and make the call at the time of 00:00 to make sure the system has already updated the available booking date.

(Note: If you have already entered the information of bride’s in trying method 1, you should use the groom’s information this time.)*

*If you make the reservation for 2times with the same person’s information, your new application will be declined.

5. Application Procedures & Rental Rate

Béthanie Chapel HKAPATo confirm your booking, you have to submit all the information/documents required by following the instruction of the SMS within 3 days, otherwise your reserved time slot will be cancelled.

Right after the CSD have collected your information/documents, you will:

-Submit full payment cheque with HKID/Passport Copies (To secure your wedding session, please submit your signed quotation and settle the payment on time.

-Receive the Contract with Hire Agreement Form. Sign and return the Hire Agreement Form to Customer Service Department.

Rental Rate :

  • Wedding Ceremony: HKD$ 6580/ 2 hours (extra 15% surcharge on statutory public holidays) + HKD$5,000 Cleaning and Damage deposit (refundable)*
  • Additional booking: HKD$1,645/ 30 mins
  • Wedding Rehearsal: HKD$3,290/ hour

*The deposit will be refund by cheque or bank transfer within one month after the wedding ceremony if there is no cleaning and damage deduction.

Decorations-Things Should Know&Decoration Idea

The Chapel is already so elegant with its classic Neo-gothic style. But what if we decorate it a little bit more to make it more perfect?

Lets check out the great decoration ideas for the Béthanie Chapel and the things you should know:

6. Things You Should Know when decorating the Béthanie

The Béthanie Chapel is a declared monument in Hong Kong and therefore there will be some limitations of decorating which you should be aware of:

  • Any wall decoration, Helium balloon and flower clock is not allowed inside the Chapel.
  • It is not allowed to put anything on the altar.
  • It is not allowed to decorate the area outside the Chapel.

Although it seems there are many limitation, a little decoration can make a big difference. As long as the decoration idea is good and detailed, the Chapel could be more romantic and fairy tale. Lets keep reading on the tips of decorating!

7. Pink Floral Decoration

We don’t need so much decoration on the Béthanie as its design is amazing enough. All we need is just some detailed decoration to make it a more romantic wedding venue.

We suggest you the idea of Pink Floral Decoration. You can decorate the bench(aisle side) with pink flowers and white ribbon or gauze to create a romantic wedding atmosphere for yourself and your guests. (Imagine when you march into a Chapel that decorated with the lovely pink and white, isn’t it so romantic?)

Except the bench, you can also decorate the frame of oil painting with pink fresh flowers.

The classic Bethenie Chapel decorated with different kind of pink flowers will definitely make the wedding venue stately but also sweet.

For more idea, you can also consider about the milk colour / peach colour floral decoration. These two colour can create a warm atmosphere!

8. Choose for On-site Decoration Service.

Many of the bride-&-groom-to-be will choose to rent the venue 30mins more for decorating and ask their bridesmaids and groomsman for help…

However, this is never the best choice.

The time you have is only have 2 hours in each session and they don’t usually let you arrive earlier for decorating.

To avoid paying an extra $1645 for additional booking or $3290 for wedding rehearsal, we highly recommend you to hire a professional decoration team who are familiar with wedding venue decorating to complete the decoration in a short time.

Apart from that, you will have to pick up the decoration materials earlier all by yourself if you are going to rent for the decoration materials. What if there are missing materials? You will probably don’t have any time to look for the replacement.

So, we suggested you to choose for on site decoration service. Not just because they are professional, but they can also save you/your bridesmaids a lot of time and save you from the trouble so you can enjoy your wedding day.

The Béthanie Chapel is not like the other chapels as its special style and it has many limitations for decoration, you should look for a experienced wedding venue decoration company. For your own reference, you can have a look how we decorate here: ”INES WEDDINGS- Decoration of the Béthanie Chapel”

More Information About the Béthanie Chapel…

If you want to get more information about the Béthanie Chapel like booking procedures, details of holding a wedding ceremony in the Chapel… you can visit the following website: “BOOKING PROCEDURE FOR BÉTHANIE CHAPEL”

And if you want to get more ideas about the decoration of the Béthanie Chapel, feel free to contact us anytime!

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