6 Things You Should Know About Choosing an Chinese Auspicious Wedding Date [2019]


We all know that there’s a bunch of thing we need to prepare for a perfect wedding.

And before that, according to the Chinese wedding culture, the couples have to choose an auspicious date for their wedding.

But…… how?

It’s not just about finding the “Good for Wedding” or “Auspicious Day” in the Chinese Almanac.

In tradition, there are many rules you have to observe while choosing the wedding date, like the traditional taboos, date you have to avoid and some other tips you have to know.

No matter you are choosing the date yourself or looking for a Feng Shui master to help, it is important for you to be aware of these rules first and make sure the date you select is the date that will bring joy and harmony to your marriage.

INES WEDDINGS is now going to share with you the 6 things you should know about choosing a auspicious date.

As early as you have selected the date, as early as you can start prepare your perfect wedding!

1. “Lady First”

Even though we all know that putting men before women is one of the strong concept in Chinese culture, when it comes to choosing the wedding date, women always being considered first.

Generally, you should give priority to the birthday of bride and refer to the groom’s and others’ in choosing the wedding date.

Also, it is better to choose the “good day/auspicious” of both of you, e.g. days with “Tian Yi Gui Ren”.(天乙貴人)   Gui Ren—a Chinese god, like a life changer.

There’s a Chinese proverb, “If a man can have a better life is depends on the date he born, while if a woman can have a better life is depends on the date she married”, meaning the importance of choosing an auspicious date for wedding.

2. Avoid Choosing the Date that is Related to “Ghost”

Every Chinese know the wedding and funeral(or something bad) cannot be held in the same day or within 3 months to avoid a clash in luck.

And yes, “Ghost” is something bad too and you should avoid the wedding date in such months. So which months are the “ghost month”?

Usually, it is suggested not to holding a wedding in March, July and October.

They are all called the “Ghost month” and inauspicious for wedding because there’s a Ching Ming Festival, Hungry Ghost Festival and Chung Yeung Festival take place respectively.

3. Traditional Taboo Date

Source: weddinguknow.com

Apart for the above 3 months, there’s some traditional taboo date you should avoid.

Including the lunar 3rd, 13th, 18th, 22nd and 27th in every month.

These are the bad days of “San Niang Sha”—

Legend goes that the God of Marriage refused to pull the silken cord for Sanniang, so she could not get married. In a revenge mind, she often opposed the God of Marriage and ruined the wedding of new couples on lunar 3rd, 7th, 13rd, 18th, 22nd, and 27th in every month. Therefore, the dates above are inauspicious for wedding.

4. Avoid the Birthday of Bride, Groom and Relatives

Another dates you should avoid while choosing the wedding date is the the birthday of bride, groom and their parents.

Some of the couple may want to hold their wedding on their parent’s birthday so make it a “Double Happiness”.

However in traditional, the good day of wedding should not be as same as the parent’s birthday. So, better avoid it.

Apart from parents’ , you should always avoid the birthday of unmarried brother and sister too.

5. Authentic Wedding Date

If you are thinking to have your wedding ceremony and wedding banquet in the same date, then you only have to select one auspicious date.

But if you are decide to holding them separately in 2 different date, you should choose 2 auspicious date.

And if you can choose only one date, the day you hold the traditional banquet, shall be considered as the authentic wedding date and you should choose an auspicious date for it, because this is the official wedding date in Chinese tradition.

6. Avoid the Month or Day in Conflict with Zodiac Sign

In Chinese zodiac, Rat and Horse, Ox and Sheep, Tiger and Monkey, Rabbit and Rooster, Dragon and Dog, Snake and Pig are the animal signs in conflict with each other.

For example, you should avoid the Horse month or day if you are under the Rat sign.

Auspicious Wedding Dates 2019


*For reference only. We suggest you to ask for the opinions from  Feng Shui masters before you select your wedding date.

Take the Chinese Almanac for Reference and Consider Both Families

Nowadays, many people tend to use the online Chinese Almanac (Tung Shing) or date selection mobile application. However, those are not 100% reliable as you may find so many different versions.

Therefore, if you want to make sure the date you choose is really good for wedding, you should take the real Chinese Almanac (can be found on book store) for reference.

Or, you can also seek for a Feng Shui Master to help, they will not only choose the auspicious date based on the above rules, but also take the eight characters of birth time into consideration.

Besides, while choosing the wedding date, you should consider whether the parents, friends and relatives of both parties have time to attend your wedding and witness the happy and harmonious scene.

Here comes the new year 2019, INES WEDDINGS wish the auspicious wedding date you choose will bring joy and harmony to your marriage!

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