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為什麼要為Ines Weddings撰寫文章?您的文章會讓其他女性或讀者獲得這個美麗世界的更多資訊及激發準新娘的美感!


如果您對旅行,時尚生活,時裝,寵物,美容和新潮流文章感興趣。您可以提交豐富內容的文章及圖片,來為Ines Weddings寫作。






1:您的文章必須是原創,並且至少為1000字,我們更期望文章為1500 –2000字。撰寫中文或英文亦可。

2:文章至少應包含2張照片,並且必須合法,註明來源或您擁有版權。相片在7​​2 dpi及必須至少為800x 800像素。

3. 提交全新的文章內容,將會被例入首選考慮。



Why should you contribute to Ines Weddings? You will inspire brides-to-be beauty, giving other lady or readers to get more information of this beautiful world!

We like quality articles that introduce new ideas and popular trends that engage our readers.

If you are interested in travel, lifestyle, fashion, pets, beauty and new trend articles. You can contribute to Ines Weddings by submitting an informative article with photos.

In addition, your contribution will reach our clients across our website, blog or media channels, introducing you to new readers and followers, will give exposure to you and to your website/blog.

Submit this google form and get started now!

You will get a confirmation message once the submission successfully. We will review it and email you, if we decide to publish your article.

Please note that we do not promise that every submitted article will be published.

Article Submission Guidelines

1: Your article should be at least 1,000 words and our preference is for articles to be 1500 – 2000. Can be written in Chinese or English.

2: Article includes a minimum of 2 photos and must be legal, indicated the source from or you own the rights to. The images must be at least 800x 800 pixels at 72 dpi.

3. Submitting a new article content will be considered as a first priority.

4. We recommend saving a copy of your article to your computer in case the submission does not work the first time.

Can’t wait to see your articles !!

Please email us if you have any questions or during submission.

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