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8 Things About 100 Days Banquet in Hong Kong You Need To Know [2019]

In Chinese culture, the 100th day after a child’s birth is a significant milestone…

… relatives and friends will gather to celebrate this important day and send a blessing to the baby wishing him/her will live for 100 years.

Although holding a 100th day celebration for the babies is a traditional culture, it becomes a trend nowadays among the young parents nowadays.

However, to most of the parents, especially the newly parents, it’s really a difficult task for them to organize a perfect 100 days celebration.

The 3 things you should know before organizing a 100days birthday banquet:

  1. The rundown
  2. Things you have to prepare
  3. The etiquettes

INES WEDDINGS have got your back.

We are going to share with you the 8tips of holding a 100th day banquet, including the rundown, list of things you need to prepare and the etiquettes (or taboos).

We wish we could help with a warm and perfect party/banquet for your sweet babies, and wishing him/her to grow up healthy and happy!

(We also prepared the tips for the party’s guests!)

Rundown & Things you need to prepare

1. Venue Decoration

No matter you are holding the party at your home, hotel or clubhouse, you will need to decorate it.

If you estimate there won’t be too much guests attending the party and you wish to hold it at your home, DIY would be a great choice.

Got no idea? Take a look at others’ party and get some inspiration!

As for the goods, you can just simply buy it online. (Lots of local online shop are selling cute balloons!)

Here are some suggested 100th day party theme:

  • Colour: Pink, red, baby blue
  • Theme: Sweet, Fairytale

As if there will be lots of guests attending the banquet that you would like to hold it at hotel/clubhouse, we suggest you to get help from a professional venue decorating company.

Taking care of a new born baby is already tough… still need to decorate a 1000ft. venue yourself?… No way…

2. Rundown

In general, the rundown of a Chinese traditional 100th day banquet will be:

  1. Opening by Emcee (or parents)
  2. Playing baby’s photo slideshow or video.
  3. Parents sharing
  4. Guests sharing
  5. Games
  6. Cut the cake (hold by parents)
  7. Propose a toast
  8. Parents sharing – thank you for all the guests coming.

Things you need

3. Banquet Favor

As same as wedding favor, giving it to your guests is a gesture of thankfulness.

The common 100th day banquet favor is personalized candies, parents will usually print the babies’ photo or name+100th day date on it.

Looking for more ideas? Check this: 11 Best Wedding Favor Ideas【Useful and Unforgettable!】

4. Cake

Cake is an important element in a 100th day celebration party, lets make a special one. (Or the guests may prefer a instagrammable one.)

Where to buy? There’s many cake studio in Hong Kong selling 3D cake. Although it’s expensive than a regular cake you see in a normal bakery, it definitely worths.

But if you are saving the budgets, you can buy a normal one and decorate it yourself.

5. Baby dressing

Pink Baby Princess Set

It’s the baby’s party! Everyone will focus on him/her, lets dress your baby in a pretty dress / cute suite!

Note: Be aware of the the venue’s temperature. Bring a jacket for him/her.

Besides, you may prepare gloves for her/him to cut the germs off when they guests are touching him/her. (Baby is cute, everyone wanna play with him/her!).

6. Red Egg & Ginger

In tradition, red eggs and ginger will be given to relatives and friends from the baby’s parents.

Note: Red eggs are selected as gifts for guests as they symbolize life’s changing process. 

The Etiquettes (Don’ts)

7. DON’T attend the party if you are sick.

It’s the baby’s party, but if the baby is not feeling well, just don’t let her stay away from venues that full of germs and people.

If the parents (or the elders) insists to hold the party as scheduled, they may just play the baby’s video/slideshow on the party so the baby can still participate in another way. 如家中長輩堅持要如期舉行,爸媽可選擇在宴會上播放寶寶的日常影片,讓賓客不至於在宴會上完全沒有機會看見寶寶。

Besides, parents should advice the guests to AVOID attending the party if they are sick. (Baby can get sick easily because of his immature infant’s immune system.)除了寶寶外,亦應提點賓客如當天生病應盡量避免出席,另約時間再見面,以免將病菌傳播。

8. Don‘t let the guests kiss the baby


Again, baby is intoxicating that everyone wants to touch his/her little chubby hand or even kiss her.

But as a parent, you should always keep the guests’ lips, hands, and nasty germs away from new babies.

Tips for Guests – What should you gift?

As a guest, normally you will need to prepare a money gift/red pocket for the baby (parents), in return of the red eggs.

Note: In Chinese tradition, usually the elders and relatives will gift the baby lucky money(placing in a red envelope) and friends will prepare present.

As for the amount of red pockets, it depends on where the banquet will be held at.

In general…

  • Hotel: HK$1,000
  • Clubhouse: HK$500-$800
  • Restaurant: HK$500
  • Home: Present / HK$500

Note: Put an amount with “88” in it, it signifies wishing the recipient double fortune and blessings.

And if you are gifting baby stuff, here’s some ideas for you:

  1. Luck & Prosperity Fleece Baby Blanket – lets wrap the baby in warm wishes for luck and prosperity!
  2. Baby clothing – You can choose clothes in the traditional Chinese style or common Western baby clothes like onesies, shirts and pajamas.

Welcome a new miracle of life!

In ancient, it wasn’t that common for babies to be healthy after their new born.

So the 100th day is celebrated for having survived this difficult period.

And thus, the 100th day after a child’s birth is a significant milestone to be celebrated.

And INES WEDDINGS wishes every 100th day babies a happy and healthy life!

More questions about holding a 100 days celebration banquet in Hong Kong? Contact INES WEDDINGS now!

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