10 Tips for an Amazing Wedding Slideshow【To Catch Your Guests’ Eyes】


free wedding slideshowPlaying the wedding slideshow is one of the essential part of a wedding ceremony.

Maybe you are worrying that:

“It’s way too difficult to make an amazing slideshow that can catch all the guests’ eyes…I just don’t know how!”

Start from cute baby photos, then the ‘growing up’ and ‘dating’ or ‘engagement’…

It is a video worthy of commemoration for you and your partner…

However, it is not make for you, but your guests.

If you’ve been to your friend’s wedding, you probably understand that watching the wedding slideshow is the only entertainment you have before the bride and the groom come out.

When a wedding slide show done well, it really intoxicates you or even get you crying;

But when done poorly… it only makes you yawn and get your eyes back to your phone.

Do you really want to see all your guests are looking at their phone instead of watching the wedding slideshow in your wedding ceremony?

It’s really bad and awkward, isn’t it?

As for how to make an amazing wedding slideshow…

The photos you choose, the song you use or the arrangement you make etc.

All the choices you make can affect the quality of the video.

But don’t be worry… INES WEDDINGS has prepared 10 tips for you to make a sweet and amazing wedding slideshow to catch your guests’ eyes!

How to Choose Photos

1.First Step – Choose Who’s Important

There are more than hundred of your own photos…

…not to mention your partner’s, the photo of your family, friends and colleagues.

You took photos with lots of people in your life but that doesn’t mean you have to put them all into your wedding slideshow.

And it is actually impossible for you to do that.

When you are choosing the photos for the slideshow, you should focus on the photos of yourself, your partner, your close family members and your close friends.

As for those aunties or uncles that you only meet them once in years, or some Hi-Bye friends…just forget them for a moment.

This could not only save you a lot of time from choosing photo, but also help you to organize the content.

There’s ONE thing you should always keep in mind:

“Wedding slideshow is a video about your growth and those important people who surround you.”

Putting the photos of those who is not so important to you into the video will only make its content redundant!

2. Balance- Photos of Bride and Groom

wedding slideshow templateMany couples put so many photos of their own selves into the slideshow and forgot about their partner’s without realizing.

For example like the bride may choose every photo she found and the groom only choose one out of ten.

At the end… the ratio between the photos of bride and groom will probably be 7:3 or even 8:2…

Let’s imagine that 70% of the photos in the video are bride’s…

Will it looks like a bridal solo?

It’s just so awkward…

And more importantly, this slideshow can’t please every guests.

After all, the groom’s family and friends wants to see more about the groom’s past and present.

And so do the bride’s.

Thus, you should try to find enough pictures so that each person is represented equally and that can prevent some of your guests falling asleep or feeling awkward…

3. Choose Photos in Each Stage Of Life Evenly

wedding slideshow software free downloadOf course the wedding is all about the bride and the groom, but that doesn’t mean you should only show the photo of you and your partner!

On the one hand, adding others’ photos in your slideshow can help you get higher ratings!

Wondering why?

It’s because everyone would like to see if they are in the video! Aren’t you?

On the other hand, your family and close friends played a important role in your growth, and that’s why, without any doubt, you should let them be a part of your slideshow.

Putting different people’s photos into the video can enrich the content and to make the guests feel like they are a part of the wedding.

However, putting too much of it can be counterproductive.

Because some of the guests may want to see the sweet story of the couple more than the memories of you and your friends.

If 80% photos of the video is about your family and friends… the wedding slideshow will then turn into a memoir of friendship.

As a result, you should try to choose photos of each stage in your life evenly.

For example like 30% of childhood photos, 30% of you and your family&friends and 40% of you and your spouse.

4. Funny Photo Is More Than Laughter

wedding slideshow ideas Couples tend to add only those cute or beautiful photos because they want the video look romantic and sweet.

But actually you should also add some of those awkward pre-teen and teen shots.

Like the photo your mum took for you when you were crying in the park…

or the funny photo of you eating the chocolate…

or those funny face you made in front of the camera when you’’re in college.

You may found those photos way too awkward and worry that it will make a bad impression on the guests…

However, the truth is that those funny photos can always get a lot of laughs and draw your guests’ attention!

5. Add Some Video Clips

Wedding slideshow… It’s not just about the photos!

If the slideshow are only filled with photos…

it’s a bit monotonous.

Include 1-2 video clips in your slideshow.

Those can be the video diary of dating, or the funny video of your childhood.

If the background music suddenly turn into your voice…it will definitely surprise your guests!

Trust me…

… those who are staring at their phone will move their eyes back to the slideshow!

How to Choose the Background Music

6. Select Medium-paced to Fast-paced songs

成長片段製作軟件Choosing the background music has less limit and much more easy than choosing photos.

Generally, you can select any song you like if only the meaning of it is related to wedding.

Just, there is ONE thing you should always keep in mind:

The pace of the song.

You should select a few medium-paced or fast-paced songs for the background music of your slideshow.

Even though you may have a favourite slow song you want to use…

Even though it may be meaningful or romantic to you…

It may also become a lullaby to put your guests to sleep.

You definitely want to create a romantic and energetic atmosphere for your wedding, right?

So, select a song with medium-paced to fast-paced or with nice rhythm and strong beat.

How To Arrange

7. Keep It Short and Sweet

One of the purposes of playing the wedding slideshow is to entertain your guests or gives them a fun glimpse into the bride and groom’s past and present.

Imagine you as a guest in the wedding and you’ve already been watching the slideshow for 10 minutes but it’s still playing…

Getting bored?

Generally, the production companies in Hong Kong will suggest that the standard length of a wedding slideshow should be 4-5 minutes.

But 4-5 mins is just too short for you to add as much as the photos you want…

Therefore you may want to make it longer.

No matter you are going to make it yourself, or going to pass the job to the production company…

Try to limit the show to 5 to 7 minutes, which is about the length of 2 songs.

One song to highlight the bride and groom’s pre-relationship lives, and a second song for sweet photos of the two of them together.

Don’t be stubborn about adding all the photos you like into the show, it will only make the video redundant and make your guests feel bored!

8. The Flow of Photos

In general, 2 to 3 seconds per photo is enough.

If it’s too fast, the guests have no enough time to look at each photo;

If it’s too slow, the guests will feel bored.

Keep the flow of photos consistent with the pace of the song you have selected.

(That’s why you should better not to choose a slow song.)

If there’s a particular photo you want to emphasize more, hold it for an additional second for your guests to look.

If it’s a photo of a large group, hold it for 1 to 2 additional second.

To put it simply, just ensure the video play smoothly, keep the flow of photos consistent with the pace of song and make sure your guests have enough time to look at every photo.

Honestly, if you want to DIY the wedding slideshow, you better be really good at video editing.

Although there are many mobile apps provide free wedding slideshow template, the video may not comes up with high quality, especially when it is playing on a big screen.

If you have high standard with your wedding slideshow, better look for a production company to help with it.

(If you are looking for a wedding slideshow software with good quality, we suggest Camtasia Studio 8 Software, it’s free for the first 30 days.)

9. Keep Everything in Order

成長片段softwareThe other word for “Wedding Slideshow” is “Growing Up Wedding Video”.

Make sure you include every stage of life in the slideshow and place the photos in chronological order as best as you can.

Here’s a simple wedding slideshow idea:

  1. Your Childhood Photos
  2. Primary School
  3. High School
  4. College
  5. First Dating
  6. Propose
  7. Engagement
  8. Pre-wedding

Never organize the photos randomly or miss some stages.

If you skip the photo of school days, you will suddenly turn in to a adult from a child in the video;

Or if you place your teen’s photo after the pre-wedding photo…

You will make your guests so confused.

Thus, remember to place the photos in chronological order, as much as possible!

Prepare Everything Well  is the Key To Catch Your Guests’ Eyes

Last but foremost…

10. Test and Backup

成長片段歌曲Imagine in your big day, your wedding assistant dim the light and hit the “play” button on your slideshow, in a hall of hundred people…

And NOTHING happens.

Nothing’s more awkward than that…Right?

If you don’t want the sweet moment become the awkward moment, make sure you make more than one copy or backup of your slideshow and test it for a few times ahead of time.

Back it up in different devices, email or cloud server, just in case you lost the original file;

Test ahead of time, make sure the video can be played.

If it’s possible, test it out on the actual equipment in the wedding venue to make sure everything goes well and to reduce chances of “technical glitch”.

If the video cannot be play in your wedding day…everything you do will go in vain.


Prepare Well is the Key to catch your guests’ eyes!

Looking for a professional team to produce your wedding slideshow? Contact INES WEDDINGS now!


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