8 Things You Need To Know About Giving Wedding Gift Cash In Hong Kong


人情信封送呈笑納謹具The first reaction of receiving a wedding invitation in Hong Kong for many people:

“God! I have to give the wedding give cash again!”

Of course, there’s something what we call “Appropriate Amount” for the wedding gift cash…

…However, the amount of the money we should give, in fact, really depends on how much you want to give.

At the end of the day, it’s just a “Gift”, right?

Still, there are quite a lot of people genuinely wish to give the couples their blessings…

… besides giving an appropriate amount of wedding gift cash, they want write the wedding gift cover right to show their love.

And if you attend a Traditional Chinese Wedding in Hong Kong, you will find there are some interesting ancient Chinese words written as “送呈笑納謹具奉賀” on the wedding gift cover.

So, what is it all about?

And how to write it right to make sure that you are following all the traditional Chinese Wedding etiquette?

Now, INES WEDDINGS is going to introduce the right way to write a Chinese Wedding Gift Cover and all the etiquettes you need to know.

4 Things You Should Know About Writing Wedding Gift Cash Cover

Even for local Chinese, sometimes we would be confused about the “送呈笑納謹具奉賀” written on the gift cover.

For the majority, people would care about what it means and they would just simply write their own names on the envelop, who are they giving it to and 1 or 2 blessings at most.

But, by following the 4 rules we are going introduce to you, you will inevitable be recognised by the host because you will impress them with this etiquette.

Wedding Gift Cash Amount

1. Attend To/ Please Receive (送呈__笑納)

If it is written “Attend To/ Please Receive (送呈__笑納) on the envelop, what you need to do is to write the name of the one who invite you to the wedding.

For example:

If it is the Groom(or his family member) who invited your to his wedding, you can simply write his name on it;

If it is from the bride’s side, then you just need to write the bride’s name.

2. What I Am Giving As A Gift (謹具__奉賀)

Literally, you can write down what you got for the gift.

For example:

If your wedding gift cash amount is HK$1,500, you can just write down $1,500 on the space provided.

Of course, in Hong Kong, most of the people would avoid writing the exact amount of money they are giving.

Instead, they would write down “薄儀” on the space, which means “A courtesy small gift”

3. With Whose Bow(__鞠躬)

Of course, you are not necessary need to give a bow.

It’s just a courtesy way to say this gift is from whom in Chinese.

So, what you need to do is to write down your own name in the space here.

4. Congratulation of(__之喜)

Normally, a simple Congratulation of Getting Married is all enough.

But for Chinese, there are quite a lot of different terms you can choose to write to say the congratulation words.

In case you really want to do it all in Traditional Chinese way and you are willing and capable to write Chinese words, you can take a look the following for your reference:

To congratulate the Bride: 于歸之喜

To congratulate the Groom: 燕爾之喜

Either Bride or Groom: 新婚之喜 or 聯婚之喜

If you are the friend of the bride or the grooms’ relatives:

To congratulate the groom’s father: 新翁之喜

To congratulate the groom’s mother: 新姑之喜

To congratulate the groom’s grandfather: 太翁之喜

To congratulate the groom’s uncle: 新伯之喜 or 冠姪之喜

To congratulate the groom’s older brother: 冠弟之喜

To congratulate the bride’s parents: 令媛之喜

To congratulate the bride’s older brother: 令妹之喜

Etiquettes Of Giving Wedding Gift Cash

1. How Much To Spend Is An Appropriate Amount of Wedding Gift Cash

人情禮封寫法Essentially, wedding gift cash is just a gift.

Even there is what we so-called “the appropriate amount”, traditionally, it’s really depended on your own will.

The host of the wedding shouldn’t complain guests who gave less.

Guests also shouldn’t feel like they have suffered loss as they “need” to pay for wedding gift.

And if you are not genuinely want to attend their wedding, it is really ok to reject at once. (Just make an excuse!)

But once you committed to go, why not just relax and enjoy the day with all your blessings to the couple?

2. How would you deal with the “appropriate amount” of wedding gift?

In reality, that “appropriate amount” were decided by what people think the average price of hosting a wedding banquet.

Thus, it may vary in different people’s mind.

So, the best way to prevent any embarrassment between the hosts and the guests, is to communicate with your group of friends how much to pay.

Comprise an amount and everyone is paying the same.

By doing this, not only you don’t need to worry about being compared, but also you will have no chance to feel loss if you have given more.

3. Do Groomsmen and Bridesmaid need to give Wedding Gift Cash?

Basically, there is no rules whether groomsmen and bridesmaid need to give wedding gift cash in Chinese tradition.

For some considering couples, they would think there is already loads of work their groomsmen and bridesmaids have to do on the wedding day…

… so, not only they would ask their groomsmen and bridesmaid not to give their wedding cash, they would also give them cash gift for their help.

Again, at the end of the day it all depends on the groomsmen and bridesmaid’s preference.

If you are one of the groomsmen or bridesmaid team and you have question about it…

… why not discuss with your team?

4. Buying Wedding Gift Check From Bank?

Buying wedding gift check from bank is actually the same as giving cash.

Just, some guests want to “make sure” that it is the couple receiving the money…

…so they would buy a wedding gift check from bank, title with the bride’s or the groom’s name and cross the check.

Follow All These Wedding Gift Cash Etiquette For Your Own Good

Although nowadays quite a lot of people wouldn’t follow all these rules we mentioned above…

…even the host wouldn’t even care, following all these etiquettes would definitely help to impress the host and feel your sincere blessings.

In Chinese, you will never “did too much” on following etiquette.

And we hope that by following these etiquettes can set your wedding gift cash aside from “just money”, but more love and blessings.

If you have more question about Wedding and Decoration in Hong Kong. Contact INES WEDDINGS Now!


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