6 Wedding Day Schedule Guide You Need To Know【With Rundown Excel】


結婚流程表You have been preparing for your wedding for so long…and you’ve put a lot of effort on it…

Now you are expecting your perfect Big Day to come.

But what if you make a mistake on your Big day just because you don’t have a clear wedding schedule?

It’s so terrible and it happens all the time.

The tea ceremony…and the register ceremony…finally the wedding banquet…

From the beginning to the end, there is no time to lose in your wedding.

A clear rundown of the day is always the most important wedding planning tools to ensure the wedding day to flow smoothly and as planned. 

If you don’t have one…your wedding may be messed up or even can not be completed.

Therefore…Create one!

Not just for yourself, but especially for your helper and friends because they are the one who are going to help you to arrange everything on your wedding day, right?

Have no idea what a wedding rundown look like? No worry!

INES WEDDING is going to list out every tasks and remarks for you and you can find the detailed timeline in the Rundown excel file which is attached in this article.

*Note: the following information are the samples and the actually wedding day schedule will vary. Couples may needs to make changes based on their needs.

The Groom’s

  1. The Combing Hair Ceremony
    (Remarks: the groom’s combing hair ceremony have to start half an hour earlier than the bride’s. The actual time is based on the auspicious time.)
  2. The Best Man Arrives
    (Remarks: the best man is responsible for marking down the groomsman’s and the photographer’s contact number)
  3. The Groomsman Arrives
  4. The Photographer Arrives
  5. Wedding Cars Arrives
    (Remarks: Pay attention to the traffic condition to avoid any delay)
  6. Breakfast Time
  7. Get the Bouquet
    (Remarks: Mark down the florists’ contact number)
  8. Put All the Necessaries Into the Wedding Car
  9. Decorate the Wedding Cars
  10. Moves to the Bride’s Place
    (Remarks: Bring Everything – ID card, The registration letter, Rings, Red Packets)

The Bride’s

  1. 婚禮當日流程The Combing Hair Ceremony
    (Remarks: the bride’s combing hair ceremony have to start half an hour after the groom’s is done. The actual time is based on the auspicious time.)
  2. Breakfast Time
  3. The Maid of Honor Arrives
    (Remarks: the maid of honor is responsible for marking down everyone’s contact number, including the bridesmaids’ , hairstylist’s, make-up artist’s etc.)
  4. The Hairstylist & the Make-up Artist Arrives
  5. The Bridesmaids Arrives
  6. Changing Clothes
  7. Pay Respect to the Ancestors
  8. Wait For the Groom to Arrive

Welcoming the Bride to the Wedding

  1. The Groom arrives the bride’s place
  2. The Red Packets (for Opening the door to the bride) & Door Games
    (Remarks: Always look at the time and never miss the auspicious time.
  3. Pray to the Ancestors
  4. Tea Ceremony
    (Remarks: the Groom and the Bride serve tea according to seniority, and the best man and maid of honor help to receive the red packets)
  5. Wedding Cars Get Ready
  6. Moves to the Groom’s Place / Marriage Registry / Church
    (Remarks: Brings Everything, including ID card, Registration Letter, Rings, Registry Contact Number. Also, get there 15 mins earlier)


  1. 結婚流程香港The Wedding Car Arrive the Marriage Registry / Church
  2. The Bride Goes To the Restroom for Reapplying the Make Up
  3. Both the Groom’s and Bride’s Parents Arrives
  4. Both the Groom’s and Bride’s Arrives and Handle the Registration Procedure
  5. The Registration Ceremony Begins
  6. The Ceremony Ends & Photoshoot (Remarks: The bouquet toss for the girls is done also during this time.)
  7. Moves to the Groom’s Place

Perform the “3 Bows” (拜堂)

  1. The Wedding Cars Arrives Groom’s Place
  2. Joining the Groom’s Family
  3. Get Ready for the “3 Bows”
  4. The Groom & Bride Perform the “3 Bows”
  5. The Groom & Bride Serves Tea to the Seniors
  6. Photoshoot
  7. The Groom & Bride Has Lunch at Home
  8. The Groomsman & Bridesmaids Has Lunch (Remarks: the Address, Contact Number and Person in charge of the restaurant should be marked down)
  9. The Brides Changes Her Clothes / Put the Necessities of the Wedding Banquet into the Wedding Cars.

Wedding Banquet

  1. 婚禮晚宴流程Move to the Restaurant/ Hotel
    (Remarks: Make sure you have everything with you, including all the gowns and shoes. Get ready for welcoming the guest. Also, arrange someone to look after the congratulatory gifts.)
  2. The Brides Changes Her Clothes and Reapplies the Make Up
    (Remarks: the bridesmaids helps)
  3. The Groomsman and Bridesmaids Decorates the Venue
  4. Arrange the Guest’s Seats
    (Remarks: Better to get it done in advance)
  5. Welcoming the Guests
  6. The Guests Takes Photo With the Newly-Wed
    (Remarks: Arrange a space for photoshoot in advance)
  7. Cutting of the Wedding Cake
  8. The Reception Program Starts
  9. Clothes Changing
  10. Farewell to the Guests
  11. Pay the Bill
    (Remarks: Check the bill carefully, including Additional Charges, Service Charges, Drinks) 
  12. After Party / Home
    (Remarks: Don’t forget to brings everything with you, including the congratulatory gifts, accessories and other belongings.)

Have Your Tailor Made Wedding Rundown

The rundown we have provided for you above is based on the normal Hong Kong wedding schedule and it can only for you to take as reference.

You need to make your actual wedding day rundown/schedule based on your needs. For example some of the newly-weds would like to add “Revisiting the Bride’s Family”(回門)as part of their wedding while some would like to simplify their schedule. 

Once again…a wedding day rundown is very important to you, your groomsman and bridesmaid, also the whole work team!

As long as you make everything clear in your rundown…

…the person who helps you with time management can be more easily to arrange every tasks and to ensure the wedding day flow smoothly and as planned. 


Draft your wedding rundown carefully! List out all the tasks with timeline and also the remarks too!

Following is the Wedding Day Rundown Sample for you, please feel free to download and make any changes.

Download your Wedding Day Rundown Excel Sample here.

Want to know more about your wedding day rundown or venue decoration? Contact Ines Weddings Now

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