9 Creative and Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas To Make Her Say “YES”


unique marriage proposalsTo make your lady say “Yes” to your marriage proposal…

…you have to make her go weak at her knees FIRST.

Going down on a knee with a ring and pop the question on while having a candlelit dinner?

It’s a romantic way… but it’s a bit old fashion.

And believe me, she’s been dreaming of this moment since she was little.

That’s why you need to ensure that your have an unique marriage proposal idea that lives up to her expectations…


If you could be a little more creative with a dash of romance to make it special and a memorable one for her…

She will definitely go weak in the knees and be guaranteed to say yes!

As you should know, the moment every woman expects most in their life…

…is the moment their beloved one propose to them and make a promise.

Lets check out these 9 creative and romantic proposal ideas INES WEDDINGS have prepared for you to make her says…

“YES! I DO!”

1. Create Your Own Movie

marriage proposal linesMovie nights are couples’ popular date night choice.

It can also be a good time to propose.

Ask her to watch a movie together on a date night as usual.

Then play your own “MOVIE”!

Prepare a marriage proposal video that reminiscing on all the great memories of you two and with the feelings that you want to tell her.

Use her favourite song as the background music to make it more romantic.

Don’t forget to pop the marriage proposal lines in the end of the video:





When the video ended, look at her eyes and show her the ring…

99% of the girls will start crying from the beginning to the end of this sweetest movie

Why would she say “NO” with the tears of joy?

If your partner love to read, you can turn the video into a photo book and get down on one knee with a ring when she turned to the last page.

Oh, and this is a great proposal idea at home!!

2. Sweet Notes

marriage proposal videosPlace sweet notes in different spots around your house or her room.

In each note, write down a thing that you love about your sweetheart.

For example, “Your smile is so beautiful to me”、”You make me feel love”、”You have a kind heart”… etc.

After she has collected all the notes…

Get down on your knee and holding the last note with the proposal lines…






Girls always love to ask about the reasons why you love her…

Tell her seriously this time.

Though it’s a simple proposal idea, she would be so happy to say yes to you.

3. Back to the First Date

marriage proposal quotesOn the anniversary, take your sweetheart to the exact place where you had your first date or first meet…

… and even do the same activities.

For example, go to the same restaurant, sit in the same spot and order the same meals.

Its just like reminiscing the good old day while celebrating the anniversary…

But in fact, that’s a surprise that only you know…

…you are going to propose to her!

Take out the promise ring in a right time and say your proposal lines:






To most of the girls, it is super romantic to re-create the first date.

Also, she would be so moved and so surprised that you still remember the first date.

And, make sure it is the right place!!

Or it will turned into a tragedy…{Grin}

4. Involve her loved ones

If your lady is close to her family and friends, she very well might want to share this important moment with them.

You could plan a surprise birthday party for her and ask for help from her family and friends for the proposal.

Here is the way…

Cover her eyes with a eye patch when you are going to get the birthday cake.

When music sounds, ask her friends to remove the eye patch from her.

In this moment, DANCE!

(It will be more romantic if it is her favourite song)

When the music ends, get down on one knee in front of her

And her friends and family walk up from behind and line up holding a sign that said…






With such a blessed proposal, she will be receiving lots of love from her loved ones.

And once she became filled with so much happiness…

…Of course she will say “YES” !

5. Let her expecting the gift

simple proposal ideasIs there any girl doesn’t like receiving gift?

Probably no…

Give her a gift on a special day, it can be anniversary, birthday or valentine’s day.

Wrap the empty ring box inside several a little bit bigger boxes, like Russian nesting dolls.

So your sweetheart will think the present is very large like a Prada, doll or shoes.

As each layer is opened, the expectation will grow.

When the empty ring box is opened…

…get down on your knee with the ring.

As the disappointment turned into an unexpected joy and excitement.

How shall a girl bear so much happiness!

6. A crane surprise

outdoor proposal ideasThis is probably the most romantic outdoor marriage proposal in Hong Kong.

Learn from it and give her a big surprise!

Rent a crane and have a friend of her bring her to the overhead bridge at the planned time…

In the meantime, stand in the crane with your hands carrying balloons and roses…

… and let the crane raise you up to the bridge.

What will happen when she saw you?

Believe me, she will nod her head with a broad grin on her face.

Of course, it takes you quite a lot of courage to astonish your girlfriend in such a spectacular way…

Especially if you are a shy and down-to-earth man.

But imagine if she say yes with that sweet face…

It’s just worth it ! Right?

7. Let the photo puzzles speaks for you

proposal ideas at homeThis proposal idea may take you a long time to finish…

… but your effort will show her how much you want her say “Yes”.

From the day that you decided to woo your beloved…

… pay attention to the scenery every time you hang out with her.

In each photo, include one of the letters in the phrase, “Will you marry me?”

Then print them out and place in your home or inside a book.

When it’s done, ask her to circles the letters one by one…




Isn’t it a touching way to ask this question?

Not to say it also allow you and your loved one to enjoy the memory again and again.

8. A dramatic marriage proposal with balloons

朋友求婚方法A dreamy, fairy tale marriage proposal is always a girl’s dream, like those in movie.

Boys may think it’s difficult to turn their ladies’ fantasy into reality…


…it can be easy actually!

Fill the trunk of your car with gas balloons.

Later, drive her to a desolate, romantic place like the Peak, a park or a beach.

When you are almost there, fake a car breakdown and ask her to check the tire.

(Or you can ask her to get something from the trunk.)

When she open the trunk and the balloons soar out…

…revealing a sign in the trunk that reads, “Will you marry me?”

Well, just get down on one knee with a ring in front of her.

And, BOOM!

9. Surprise airport wedding proposal with roses

驚喜求婚方式If your intended is going on a trip, then meet her with your proposal when she get back.

Ask for the strangers’ help in the arrival hall to give her a rose one by one.

(of course you need to prepare it for them)

And get some friends and family to come with you and hold up signs spelling out”Will you marry me?”…

…as your sweetheart disembarks from the plane.

Make sure you’re the one holding the “me” sign!

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

The proposal will be more heart-touching and she will be deeply moved by it.

If you are going on a trip with her, you can get friends and family to join you at the airport.

A surprise proposal after a sweet vacation… Woohoo~~

It must be the sweetest thing in her life and she will make it perfect by saying “YES”!

Create an Unique Marriage Proposal Only For You And Her.

I bet you have some solid ideas to make her say yes to your proposal now, right?

No matter it is a heart touching proposal, a memorable proposal or a simple marriage proposal…

…they can all be romantic and creative.

You can take her breath away and get a yes from her as long as you tailor the wedding proposal to her tastes, interests and passions.

And please keep in mind that the most important thing of a proposal is never the ideas or the props the gimmicks…

…but your sincerity and the promise you make.

Tell her your feelings honestly and show her your love…

…this is always the key to make a girl say “YES” !

Hope you all can get that “YES” from your beloved one!

For more information on Engagement Party Decoration and Wedding Decoration, you are very welcome to contact INES WEDDINGS.

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