6 Tips For Buying Engagement Ring In Hong Kong【Preparation & Knowledge of Ring】


You’ve gone through many ups and downs with your girlfriend…

And now you are ready to turn the page to the next chapter of your life with her.

Want to marry her? You need to ask for her “YES” and her hand in marriage in a romantic proposal.

What you need in a marriage proposal?

Get down on your knees… holding the flowers…

…and of course, an Engagement Ring.

Buying an engagement ring in Hong Kong may drives you crazy because it can be an overwhelming task.

Or even as complicated as buying a car or a house.

An engagement ring is not only a symbol of your love for her, but also a symbol of your willingness to take the relationship to the next level.

For many of you, buying lady’s engagement ring is the first experience to see and choose woman’s jewelry.

It’s just like looking for a needle in a haystack. You have no idea of finding a right engagement ring.

What style? In what price? How to distinguish Diamond? Where should I look for the ring?….

Don’t panic!

INES WEDDINGS is now going to give you 6 tips for buying an engagement ring, including the things you should know and some knowledge of rings.

1.Base on HER style Not Your Taste

求婚戒指推薦There’s a common mistake most of the man makes when choosing a engagement ring…

They do not pick the ring based on their spouse’s style or preference but their own taste.

You think the diamond of ring A is very shining, you also think the design of ring B is very special…

But you forgot the most important factor —

Does it fits your woman’s style and preference?

Before you decided to pick one, take pause and ask yourself:

“Does it fit her?”

Because after all, the person who will be wearing this ring is your fiancee.

So…when you’re with your girlfriend, always take note of the style of the jewelry she wears to find out her preference.

And when you are picking the ring, imagine how it looks on your girlfriend’s to make sure it fits her.

This engagement ring will be with her forever and she will be wearing it everyday…

That’s why it’s so important to buy the one that fits her style… It’s all about her!

If you have no idea or not sure what she wants, ask her best friend’s advice instead of trusting your own taste!

2. Find Out Her Ring Size.. And it’s a MUST!

求婚戒指香港Now you have the ring with the style she loves… you’ve already done a good job.

But what if you failed to put the ring on her finger after she said “YES” to you because the size doesn’t fit her?

Maybe because it’s too small that can’t even put it on…

Or maybe it’s too big that it falls down…

No matter it’s too big or too small…

It’s just embarrassing. 

So, don’t forget to find out her ring size before purchasing the ring.

“But she will find out that I am going to propose to her if I ask to measure her ring size.”

Of course we are not telling you to ask her, but to measure it in secret.

Here are a few solutions:

  1. Use a ring sizer app to measure an existing ring she has. (Make sure it’s the one she wears on her ring finger!)
  2. Ask her friends to find out her ring size. (Do it secretly!)
  3. While she’s asleep, grab a small string and lightly wrap it around her finger and cut the rest of the string. The string you wrap around her finger will be pretty close to the perfect size.

If all the above solutions doesn’t work…You may have to guess.

Remember it’s better to get a bigger one because it’s so awkward that if the ring is too small that you can’t even slide it on her finger.

Also, make sure the ring can be resized later.

3. Learn About the Diamond — the 4C’s

求婚戒指結婚戒指Although the idea that the engagement rings must be diamond rings is just a modern invention, most of the woman loves it.

If you are decided to buy a diamond ring…

Make sure you have the basic knowledge of diamond.

Once you have the background knowledge of diamond, it will be more easier for you to find out a perfect ring.

You may’ve heard about the 4Cs of diamond before, but you don’t actually know what they stand for. Right?

The 4Cs: Carat weight , Colour, Clarity and Cut. All these factors determine the quality and cost of the diamond.

Carat weight refers to the weight of the diamond. For example people will describe the ring as “ It’s a one carat diamond ring”. The higher the carat, the heavier the diamond. The heavier it is, the more you’re going to pay.

Colour. Diamond colour is graded on a scale that ranges from D to Z. The highest grade is D which means the diamond is colourless, while the lowest grade is Z which means the diamond is light yellow.

Clarity determines how clean a diamond is. The GIA clarity scale includes eleven diamond clarity grades that ranges from flawless(FL) to I3 (diamond with obvious inclusions). Of course the best diamond is grade FL, it means the diamond has no inclusions or blemishes with 10x magnification.

Cut is the most important one out of the 4C’s, it refers to the angles and proportions of the stone.  A well cut diamond reflects light from one facet to another and unleashes its light well. The grade of a diamond is determined based on the “Cut grade”, “Symmetry” and “Polish”. If a diamond achieves a grade of Excellent in all these 3 factors, it achieve the grade of 3EX.

We’ve talked about the diamond 4C’s knowledge in brief. If you want to learn more, here’s an article for you to read “BLUE NILE Diamond Education”.

4. Read the Terms & Conditions—Exchange & Returns Policy

求婚戒指左右手You may not care about the exchange and return policy when shopping clothes.

But now you are purchasing a valuable ring.

It’s important for you to read carefully about the terms and conditions, make sure you understand the exchange and returns policy…

…especially if you are purchasing a custom made ring, for example an engraved ring or a special-sized ring.(Very small or very larger finger measurements)

Although most rings are exchangeable in most shops, there are exceptions. For example it may not allowed to resize or exchange for another item.

If the exchange or return is not available, you must make sure the ring you are going to buy will fit your girlfriend perfectly. (Both the size and style)

Don’t rush, read every terms to prevent any money loss.

5. Set a Budget, But Don’t Hold On To It

求婚戒指款式Set a budget, but don’t hold on to it. It sounds like doesn’t make any sense, right?

It’s not. Here’s why.

An engagement  ring can be very cheap or very expensive. What you should do is to buy the best ring that you can afford.

We are not telling you to take out all the savings or spend 3 months salary on it…

But to establish a budget based on your financial situation, for example set the budget as HKD 10k.

However, don’t hold on to it.

If the ring you think it’s perfect and it costs HKD$13k, which is 3k over the budget…

What should you do?

If you can still afford, go for it. Don’t seek for another one that is less attractive just to hold on to your budget.

You may consider what you spent on your smartphone or a car, which have a shorter life than the ring.

Would you increase your budget for a better one or hold on to your budget for the one that you don’t like it the most?

This ring may brings her a lot of happiness and it may moves her to tears.

Besides, it is very meaningful to her as it is going to be with her forever.

If you think it’s well worth its value, why do you care about holding on to a budget?

6. Other Information & Knowledge

Apart from the 4C’s, you should learn about the settings and the metal type of it.

The most common metal used for a diamond ring setting is Gold (white, yellow) and Platinum because it is more durable than another like silver and steel.

As for the silver and steel, they are too soft and won’t withstand the wear and tear so it’s no suggested to use for a diamond ring setting.

The platinum is natural precious metals and it differ in purity.

For the gold, it differ in gold purity. Karat is the term used to measure the purity of gold. The higher the karatage, the purer the gold. The purer it is, the more expensive it is. For example the 24k gold is called pure gold, it’s known to be 99.9% pure, and of course, it is the most expensive.

Settings. The 8 common settings of diamond rings are: Prong setting, Bezel setting, Bead setting, Channel setting, Pave setting, Gypsy setting, Invisible setting and Common setting.

The most common and classic one out of the 8 settings is the prong setting. A prong is a little metal claw that grips the diamond tightly, holding it in place. A benefit of this setting is that there is a minimum presence of metal, so that there’s more diamond to see.

Each setting has their advantage and disadvantages. If you want to know more, here’s an article for you “16 Engagement Ring Styles & Settings You Need to Know About NOW”.

Do the Research. Find a Perfect Engagement Ring.

The engagement ring you are going to purchase will surprise her, bring her tears and happiness…

And it’s also a symbol of your love and sincerity…

So, take it serious.

Do the research before buying, including your girlfriend’s preference, and different knowledge of the ring.

Apart from the following 6 tips, there are still many information and knowledge of ring, for example the metal types of the band, it can be gold, silver or rose gold etc.

Which one would your girlfriend like most? What’s the difference between those different metals?

Do the research! The more information and knowledge you have, the easier for you to find a perfect engagement ring.

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